DonorPerfect Tributes


Nonprofit Tributes Management Screenshot

Giving in the name of a beloved family member, friend, or pet, tribute donations are a beautiful way for donors to honor their loved ones when supporting your cause. A tribute is the most intimate kind of donation, and according to Nonprofit Tech for Good, a third of donors make tribute gifts each year.

Now your donors can easily enter their tribute donations through the new-and-improved DonorPerfect Online Forms. Donor information is automatically synced with your database, so you can update records and send thank-you notes without the hassle of manual data entry.

Connect people to your mission

  • Raise awareness for your mission among those it serves and honors
  • Build genuine relationships with existing donors, new donors, and tribute recipients
  • Let donors know that tributes are a quick and easy option on your donation forms
  • Take advantage of the new DP Forms, designed to improve conversions

Manage everything in one place

  • View all tributes on one screen to sort, search, and export lists
  • Automatically sync information with your database to eliminate manual processes
  • Automatically record donor and payment information in the appropriate records
  • Ensure all tribute information is accurate, complete, and organized

Keep loved ones in the know

  • Give donors a field to enter their loved one’s name, if they choose
  • Provide options for “in honor of” or “in memory of” tributes
  • Allow donors to enter the names & emails of their tribute notificants
  • Manage multiple recipients for the same tribute within DonorPerfect

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