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Former GiftWorks Client Cleans Up Using DonorPerfect

At a Glance


The First Tee of Greater Kansas City


Kansas City, Missouri

Business Challenge

GiftWorks software created many duplicates and could not run quality reports


DonorPerfect Online Fundraising Software with WebLink Online Donation Forms

Key Results

  • Removed over 7,000 duplicate records
  • Increased reporting & analyzing which guided fundraising efforts
  • WebLink allowed for easy processing of online donations
  • Recorded webinars enabled quick & easy learning of the system

The First Tee of Greater Kansas City uses golf as a tool to teach over 2,200 children about positive values such as honesty, integrity, sportsmanship and confidence.

Business Challenge

Ellen Fisher is the Operations Analyst at The First Tee of Greater Kansas City and has been with them for two and a half years. They previously used GiftWorks software to manage their donors for years, but when Ellen arrived she knew they needed something better. “The system was filled with duplicates, which often made reports very difficult to run, and GiftWorks didn’t have a lot of reports to begin with. It was too basic and limited in its functionality and I felt strongly that it was not a system that was going to help us grow. We wasted so much time because of how unorganized and inefficient the system was. Right when I arrived, I began looking up other systems because I knew there had to be a better way.” Ellen needed something that could organize all of their data, eliminate the duplicates, and provide more insightful information about how to better target prospective donors.


Ellen looked at a number of systems and, after much research, decided on DonorPerfect’s web-based fundraising software with WebLink. “What separated DonorPerfect was the low cost, quality customer service and how easy it was to use. Some of the other systems we looked at were too complex and not intuitive. DonorPerfect was easy to learn, especially with the access to the recorded webinars. I taught myself the system in no time. The increased features and functionality made me confident in the fact that this system could grow with us. Most importantly, however, was removing the duplicates from our system. Others said they could remove the dupes, but they couldn’t explain how they would do it. I felt confident that the DonorPerfect team would be able to do it after speaking with them.”

Key Results

DonorPerfect has transformed how we operate. We went from having 15,000 records to about 7,000 after all of the duplicates were removed. Our overall communication with our donors has really improved.

– Ellen Fisher, Operations Analyst

Ellen said, “DonorPerfect has transformed how we operate. We went from having 15,000 records to about 7,000 or 8,000 after all of the duplicates were removed. Our overall communication with our donors has really improved. For example, mass mailings are much easier now without the dupes. We’re much more organized than before.

“The biggest area of improvement though has been reporting,” Ellen noted. “The number of quality reports we can run is great, and they’re so easy to access because of DonorPerfect’s Dashboard (a home screen that provides quick access to the reports most important to you). We have way more options now than we did with GiftWorks and we’re taking advantage of that. We can easily see how much donors owe, as well as other financials. The reports are simple to analyze, give us the results we’re looking for and we’ve used them a lot as a tool to show where we should focus our energy.” The First Tee is also a user of WebLink Online Donation Forms, and “they’re a cinch to process and handle with WebLink.”

Ellen also made note of DonorPerfect’s great staff, “I really got the feeling that my sales representative went the extra mile to ensure that things would work out for us. She went out of her way time and time again to handle our specific needs, especially our concern about dupe removal. The training I received was also extremely helpful. The trainer was great and easy to work with.”