Online Donation Pages: WebLink™ Form Template Library

DonorPerfect Online includes WebLink, which allows you to have unlimited online forms, all integrated with your DonorPerfect database.

You can easily create forms yourself – no web design or HTML experience required!

Just select a form template, brand it with your logo, photos and messaging and customize your automated response emails. Use WebLink’s Form Styler to set colors, fonts and backgrounds. For more advanced needs, we offer WebLink Pro as well as form customization services by our expert staff. Additionally, you can copy any existing form yourself, quickly and easily building a library of similarly branded forms, each customized with specific messaging for various needs.


Multiple donation forms for one time or recurring gifts that can be coded with campaign, solicitation, and more for filtering and reporting in DonorPerfect Online.

Simple Donation

Simple Online Donation Form

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Simple Recurring Gift Only

Simple Recurring Online Donation Form Template

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Simple Donation & Recurring Gifts

Simple Online Donation Form Template Example with Recurring Gift Giving

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Multi-Page Donation & Recurring Gift

Recurring Online Donation Form & Multi Page Donation

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Multi-Page Donation Without Recurring Gift

Multi Page Online Donation Form

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Giving Tuesday Simple Donation

Giving Tuesday - Online Donation Form Template

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Standard Registrations

Registration forms for various paid events. All payments download as gift records in DonorPerfect Online.

(Walks/Runs, Rides, etc.)

Fundraiser Idea for Nonprofits - Events like Runs and Rides - Demo Online Donor Form Template

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Fundraising Event Form Template for Banquets & Luncheons - Fundraising Ideas

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Golf Event

Fundraising Ideas - Golf Event - Example Online Donation Template

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Bowling Event

Bowling Event - Fundraising Event Form Template

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Sponsorship -

Fundraising Ideas for Organizations - Example Online Donation Form Template

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Sponsorship -

Online Donation Form Example for Sponsorship - Example Fundraising Ideas

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Events Management

All data downloads into DonorPerfect Online events management.

Generic Registration
with Sponsorships

Fundraising Event Ideas & Management with DonorPerfect - Online Donation Page and Form Template - Sponsored Registration

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Generic Registrations

Fundraising Event Management with DonorPerfect - Online Giving Page/Form Template for Registration

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Mailing List/Surveys

Non-payment forms to collect postal and email info. Keeps your records up to date.

Organization Survey

Organization Survey - Mailing List for Nonprofits - Fundraising Online Giving Page Template

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Event Survey

Online Donation Page and Form Example for Events - Fundraise for your cause with DonorPerfect

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Mailing/Contact List (USA & CA)

United States & Canada Donation Mailing List - Online Giving Page/Form Template

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Mailing/Contact List (UK)

United Kingdom Donation Mailing List - Online Giving Page and Form Example

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Membership and Volunteer

Forms designed to collect specific information from members including skills, experience, and gift membership options.

Simple Membership

Simple online membership online form example for nonprofits

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Multi-Page Membership with Gift Option

Online form for event fundraising and online membership management demo web page form for online giving

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Volunteer (USA & Canada)

Online Fundraising Page Example for Volunteer Membership Management & Registration - United States & Canada

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Event Volunteer (USA & Canada)

Fundraising Events - Use DonorPerfect's Online Membership and Event Management Features in the US & Canada

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Volunteer (UK)

Online Fundraising Page Example for Volunteer Membership Management & Registration - United Kingdom

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Event Volunteer (UK)

United Kingdom - Fundraising Ideas with Event Volunteers - Online Registration Form

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Volunteer Time Log

Online Donor Platform - Volunteer Time Log

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Fundraising Item Sales


Fundraising Items for Nonprofits - Online Donation and Form Page Demonstration

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