Donation Processing, Receipting, and Tracking

Simplify the way you manage your funds

Start streamlining your payment processing, accounting data entry, and more

Integrated Gift Processing with DonorPerfect Payment Services

Save time with a single payment account that’s built for all the ways you fundraise! With DonorPerfect Payment Services, enjoy the ease of integrated payment processing at one low rate. You’ll be able to save time and money using our innovative suite of tools, including:

  • Online Donation & Event Registration Forms
  • Phone, Mail, and In-Person Payments
  • Recurring Gift Processing
  • Swiped Mobile Credit Card Payments

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Donation & Pledge Tracking

DonorPerfect provides a fast and accurate process for entering, recognizing, and managing every gift and pledge. It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

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Automated Pledge Processing

DonorPerfect automatically tracks pledge balances, prints reminder letters, generates emails, and tracks delinquent pledges.

monthly giving batch details

Soft Credits

Easily designate a gift as a soft credit to an unlimited number of other donor records. Soft credits enable you to notify, recognize and track matching gifts and tribute giving, as well as recognize donors who influence others to give.

soft credits

Manage Memberships

Track and manage members in DonorPerfect. Membership reports include membership rosters, lapsed memberships, membership status, membership analysis (by income or counts), and upgrades and downgrades.

membership status

Email Acknowledgement / Receipting

Save time saying thanks with DonorPerfect.

With DonorPerfect’s acknowledgement and receipting features, you can:

  • Seamlessly record and recognize every gift with the most appropriate response, whether it’s a thank-you letter, phone call, award, or gift.
  • Send a donation acknowledgement, saving your staff time, leaving your donors feeling appreciated, and providing them with a receipt.
  • Effortlessly produce receipts and documentation for donors taxes (US & Canada).
  • Save paper and postage costs, leaving more money for your mission.

thanks email

QuickBooks Integration

Eliminate double data entry! Post gifts effortlessly from DonorPerfect to QuickBooks. You can track and reconcile gifts with confidence, and customize how your gifts post to QuickBooks. With DonorPerfect and QuickBooks Online, you can choose to map gifts to your QuickBooks bank account, income accounts, and classes.

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Quickbooks Video Why Enter Data Twice

Multi-Currency Tracking & Conversion

DonorPerfect’s multi-currency tracking and conversion can help track, manage, and convert gifts and pledges into any currency. Get better insights on local fundraising efforts by tracking original currency data and eliminate errors and save time by automating currency conversion.

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