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Matching Gift Resources

We’ve partnered with the leading manager of corporate matching gift data to provide two great services to increase matching gifts. GiftPlus Online lets you quickly check if a donor’s employer has a matching gift program, and E-Match offers the ability to add a link to your web site so donors can check this information for themselves.

Matching gift programs have generated over $2 billion in contributions!

GiftPlus Online

Gift Plus Online contains more than 8,000 companies, subsidiaries and divisions that match employee gifts to nonprofit institutions and organizations. This online service provides everything you need to know about an employer’s matching gift program, without you having to make any calls to the companies!

Matching Gifts with DonorPerfect Nonprofit Fundraising Software

How does GiftPlus work?

This service provides a full year of access to an online matching gift database, which contains all of the information you need to collect matching funds such as:

E-Match Donor Link

The E-Match Donor Link is a custom created link that appears on your web site to help your constituents and friends check if their employers will match their gifts to your organization. Instead of directing donors to their employer’s personnel office, they can now check their match status online in seconds!

How does E-Match Donor work?

This service provides a link on your web site for your donors to use to research their own employer’s matching gift policies. From your homepage, your donor simply keys in their employer’s name. Instantly, they are told if their gift to your organization can be matched. If they are match-eligible, their employer’s match policy information will be listed, just as with the GiftPlus Online service.

Commonly Asked Questions

Why do I need this service?

Thousands of companies in the U.S. maintain a matching gifts program. If you aren’t aware of which companies match their employees’ donations, you may be missing a significant amount of money that is available to your organization. GiftPlus Online and E-Match make it easier for you and your donors to ensure that any eligible contributions you receive are matched by the donor’s employer.

How long does it take to get going?

Access to the GiftPlus Online database can be provided within one business day from the time you purchase. The creation of the E-Match Donor Link on your web site can typically be set up within three business days.

Roughly 1 in 10 gifts to 501c3’s can be matched, yet a fraction of that amount is ever realized due to apathy and lack of current information. Thousands of universities, non-profits and schools are significantly increasing matching gift revenue by placing HEP’s matching gift search engines on their web page.

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Benefits of Matching Gift Resources

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