User Management and Data Security

DonorPerfect User Management

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A secure system you can trust.

DonorPerfect takes data security seriously. Seriously. That’s why we’ve taken every possible step to create a safe and secure system for organizations of all sizes. We not only understand the value of donor data, we understand the value of donor relationships and how crucial it is, for the sake of those relationships, that we keep data safe on yours and your donors’ behalf. DonorPerfect’s user-based permissions, security filters, and multiple backup processes are available so you don’t lose what is most important.

Additionally, as a cloud-based platform, it’s extremely important to prevent data breaches by having high-level encryption and maintaining proper safety protocols. Our software stays up to date with data protection protocols from TLS 1.2 browser support to secure AWS servers. With all these measures in place, you can trust that DonorPerfect will keep your information safe.

User Management and Data Security Features

Keeps Donor Data Safe

  • Store and process credit cards with a 128-bit data encrypted PCI compliant payment gateway
  • Scalable systems preserve stable security
  • End-to-end data encryption with TLS 1.2 protocol
  • GDPR Guideline assistance from the DonorPerfect team

Restrict Access and Permissions for Users

  • Set custom user privileges for user groups or individual users
  • Restrict user access to sensitive data with security filters
  • Secure login and password recovery

Backup and Recover Data

  • Create user backups to restore to previous database states
  • Nightly automatic server backups save 30 days of restore points
  • Backup database with local files with a Data Assurance plan

We didn’t have one specific location where we were storing all our donor information. It was in different Excel worksheets and just all over the place. As far as compiling all our events together and all our donors together we just wanted to find a central hub to host all that information. DonorPerfect has been really beneficial to us to see everything pulled together as one. It allows us to use our information in a smarter way. There’s so much that it can do – and it’s kind of exactly what we need to take the next step to grow as a company. We’re lucky to have found it.”

Caitlin Mahon, Bringing Hope Home

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