Compare DonorPerfect to Raiser's Edge

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Compare DonorPerfect to Raiser’s Edge

Determine if DonorPerfect is the best choice for your mission.

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Since Raiser’s Edge NXT was released, our team has converted hundreds of nonprofits to DonorPerfect.

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Our tools are developed with 40+ years of fundraising experience

Our clients have said it best. Nonprofits choose DonorPerfect because of its flexibility, ease of use, and seamless implementation experience – your system is customized to meet the unique needs of your organization. With our many automated solutions, what takes a week in Raiser’s Edge can be done in minutes using DonorPerfect – and done right the first time.

  • Automatic, scheduled reports
  • Speedy data transfer & cleanup
  • One-on-one, hands-on support
  • Onboarding & training services
  • Automatic monthly giving
  • Integrated email, text, & video
  • Quick mail merge templates
  • Integrated donation processing
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Unlike Raiser’s Edge, DonorPerfect is a true cloud solution

Raiser’s Edge NXT is not a true cloud solution. Administrative functions like creating queries, pulling reports, and importing data are done through the back end – a hosted Citrix installation that cannot be used on a mobile device. If you make an update on the front end, it does not automatically appear on the back end, and vice versa.

With Raiser’s Edge, we couldn’t communicate with other departments smoothly. Now, by having unlimited users in DonorPerfect, everybody’s using the same tool so we could adopt the policy and culture of transparency – without losing a sense of security.”

– Chris, Notre Dame College

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Software roadblocks can create a ripple effect on your organization

When your software is counterintuitive and training is limited, your staff members are likely to encounter obstacles in campaigns and routine tasks. With nowhere to turn, they end up creating manual workarounds that compromise the accuracy of your reports and the integrity of your data – your most important asset. This makes projects take longer, too – the very problem your CRM should help you solve. Not to mention, your staff will likely have trouble training new team members when the time comes. So the cycle continues.

99% of Raiser’s Edge users who switch to DonorPerfect stay with DonorPerfect.

Switching is headache-free with hands-on specialists

As a customer, I was disappointed. As a manager, I knew we needed to make a change. We were paying for a product that wasn’t being used effectively, and since our budget was small, we needed software that would improve data capture, financial reporting, and increase productivity while minimizing stress.”

– Maida Connor, CFRE, York Catholic High School

DonorPerfect Support is the best representation

Our team is an extension of yours

At DonorPerfect, questions are encouraged and answers are provided. With all of the customization capabilities we offer, we know how important it is to be there for you every step of the way. We also know that everyone has different learning styles, so our top-rated support is available via phone, chat, Zoom, and in person. If you like to learn independently, our expert webinars, training sessions, and Knowledgebase articles are always there.

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