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Raise more money and manage your fundraising online 

with a host of innovative web-based solutions from DonorPerfect

Fundraising online has exploded in this new century, and DonorPerfect has led the way. We were one of the first to offer web-based fundraising software, and have since introduced online web forms that integrate our software to your website, online payment processing tools, social networking tools that enable your constituents to raise money online themselves, broadcast email marketing, and so much more. If you want to harness the power of the web to better manage your fundraising efforts, DonorPerfect is your perfect choice.

DonorPerfect Online Fundraising Software:

DonorPerfect Online Fundraising Software:

DonorPerfect pioneered fundraising online solutions in 2001 with the release of DonorPerfect Online (DPO), the web-based version of our fundraising software. DPO, the most comprehensive web-based fundraising management solution available, is the easiest, most flexible, and cost-effective fundraising management solution available to raise money and manage constituents relationships.

  • You can track and manage unlimited data in one easily customized database.
  • Sophisticated reporting and analysis helps identify the source of your next big gift.
  • Easily merge donor data into customized thank-you letters, e-mails and direct mail.
  • Enter, recognize and manage every gift and pledge quickly and accurately.
  • Quickly generate reports on grants, campaigns and events.

Unique DonorPerfect Online features:

Access fundraising information online anytime and anywhere!

Unlimited Donor Management scalable from 1 to 1,000,000 or more donors!

Simple and controlled access for volunteers, constituents and executive management.

Flexible screens allow you to track what you want the way you want it.

Fast page downloads for quick access to your data.

Powerful, unlimited segmenting allows you to drill down to the smallest level for data mining.

Links to mapping, phone directory and other third party databases

Contact Tickler file allows you to set priorities for your entire staff.

Standard reports make analyzing your donors fast and easy.

Track gifts, pledges, soft credits, matching gifts and memorial notifications at the touch of a mouse. Process thank you letters effortlessly with our direct connections to MS Word.

Integration with Microsoft Office, Quickbooks, Constant Contact and DonorSearch and other populate software tools.

Fundraising Online Software Integration with DonorPerfect Online Forms™

Fundraising Online Software Integration with DonorPerfect Online Forms™

DonorPerfect Online Forms™ is our system for creating and managing virtually any type of online entry form, personalized to collect exactly the data you want, including secure credit card processing for payments. Collected data is easily reviewed through DonorPerfect Online Forms’ administrative tools, and then imported into DonorPerfect to eliminate duplicate data entry.

Online Entry Forms for:
  • Empower constituents to recruit others to achieve your goals
  • Tap into constituent social networks to raise more money
  • Educate more people for action and advocacy of your mission
  • Reduce new donor acquisition expenses
Nonprofit Crowdfunding Fundraising Video Screenshot

Crowdfunding: Social Fundraising Online Integrated with Donor Software

Empower constituents to recruit their social network to raise money for your mission. With Crowdfunding, your constituents can easily create individualized web pages under your control, invite everyone they know to visit via a host of communication tools, and have these visitors donate online. Crowdfunding automatically enters donor information and funds into DonorPerfect donation software and your bank account.

  • Empower constituents to recruit others to achieve your goals
  • Tap into constituent social networks to raise more money
  • Educate more people for action and advocacy of your mission
  • Reduce new donor acquisition expenses

Broadcast Email

DonorPerfect provides an easy, affordable way to expand your e-mail database of website visitors and donors. Use this service to create and send professional.

HTML e-mail newsletters, solicitations or constituent alerts and to measure the success of your campaigns.


Customizable visitor website signup form

  • Easily import names and e-mail addresses from DonorPerfect (or any file)
  • Over 50 professional templates available
  • Hosts and manages your e-mail database (including un-subscribes and bounces)
  • Automatically formats for HTML and Text
  • Instant reporting on opens, bounce-backs and other critical measures
  • Improve the professionalism of your communications without a graphic artist
  • No technical expertise required
  • Better information on campaign results (including link tracking)
  • Affordable rates start as low as $15/month

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