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Fundraising Software References

Clients talk about DonorPerfect and our services!

Serving nonprofits since 1986, DonorPerfect has helped over 25,000 users raise funds, cultivate constituent relationships and save time. Here are some DonorPerfect clients and their comments. We are happy to provide additional references upon request.

Multi-site Installations include:

  • UNICEF International
    (over 35 countries)
  • The Salvation Army
    (Eastern Territory)
  • Girl Scouts of America
    (over 100 installations)
  • Boys & Girls Clubs
    (over 200 installations)
  • Hillel International
    (over 50 student organizations)
  • Little Sisters of the Poor
    (10 sites using DonorPerfect Online)
DonorPerfect Reference

Watch Dawn’s Testimony!

“Coming (to the DonorPerfect client conference) and actually meeting (DonorPerfect) people, without just talking to them on the phone; it’s not a “phony” friendly, it’s genuine. I love that experience so I would definitely recommend DonorPerfect.”

Dawn Powell
Humane Society of Charlotte

DonorPerfect Reference

Watch Kathleen’s Testimony!

“With (DonorPerfect’s integrated online forms), we’ve been able to put our logo on (our online donation form), brand it, make it look unique and inviting, link it to our website, and easily integrate the information back into DonorPerfect”

Kathleen Clabby
National Repertory Orchestra

DonorPerfect Reference

Watch Alyssa’s Testimony!

“I love the simplicity of DonorPerfect on my end as a user. I have worked with other programs, and DonorPerfect has, by far, been the easiest to learn and to integrate. But more than that, I love the people who work for SofterWare (developers of DonorPerfect). I feel like I know the people on the team.”

Alyssa Acosta
Colorado Open Lands

DonorPerfect Reference

Watch Elizabeth’s Testimony!

“When I got to (East Georgia State College), I asked for donor records and they were in boxes. We did have some old Excel files, but most were paper documents. I went to work to find a system that we could afford, that I felt like would serve what we needed, and DonorPerfect by far, was the choice. You might be able to buy something that has been on the market longer, that has more bells and whistles, or you may feel is more in tune with educational fundraising, but I’ll tell you straight off the bat, you’re not going to find anything that’s easier to adapt to what you got to use. You can’t beat it.”

Elizabeth Gilmer
East Georgia State College

DonorPerfect Reference

Watch Susan’s Testimony!

“DonorPerfect is just easy. It will make life easier. Especially with relationships. Not only the building (of relationships with constituents), but the tracking. Being able to get those letters out immediately, being able to link them to your events – it’s just an all-in-one great tool to use.”

Susan Sauro
Elwyn – New Jersey

DonorPerfect Reference

Watch Billie’s Testimony!

“(DonorPerfect) is a very friendly software. Its very easy to use. They have a great support group. DonorPerfect has allowed us to do our acknowledgements quicker, it has the merging there for us (to personalize the acknowledgements). Its very easy to make everything happen.”

Billie Adkins
WKYU Public Broadcasting

DonorPerfect Reference

Watch Sister Maura’s Testimony!

“We’re a small community and we do not have a large development program so what’s really helpful is the Sisters are able to do their own updates (e.g. update addresses, etc.) and help out. It’s important that it’s easy to use and we can use it in a very simple way, and you can continually learn how to use the different features they have that make it even more simplified. When I’m at another school, I’m able to open up DonorPerfect without having to take a lot of work with me. I would highly recommend DonorPerfect, and not use all of your donations just to buy donor software.”

Sister Maura Therese
School Sisters of Christ the King

DonorPerfect Reference

Watch Jeff’s Testimony!

“I was using an Excel spreadsheet before and the problems are numerous unless you’re just a master at Excel. We researched a lot of (donor management solutions) and we like the Constant Contact (integration). DonorPerfect is a great system that will do a lot of your work for you. It will make you more efficient.”

Jeff Andersen
Children’s Choice

DonorPerfect Reference

Watch Kristen’s Testimony!

“We got DonorPerfect because we wanted to bring everything onto one platform. We didn’t want silos of data. They needed to interact. It needed to have some form of marketing automation component to it. We wanted to use a tool that we could see working for us versus creating more work so that’s why we landed on DonorPerfect. We did side by side comparisons of three different systems. Some looked prettier, and some had maybe one component that was great, but DonorPerfect was a whole package, and when we were able to see the 3 side-by-side, there was no question.”

Kristen Myers-Chatman
Nonprofit Consultant

DonorPerfect Reference

"Great software, easy to use and super helpful!
My organization has been using DonorPerfect for the past year and couldn’t be more pleased. We are still finding new ways we can use the software because of its capabilities. The best part is the support service! They are always so friendly and willing to go the extra mile to make sure you get the report that you need, processing credit cards the best way or just changing the screen around to make it more compatible. We are so glad we made the choice of DonorPerfect!"

Brynne Moore
Life Crisis Center
5 Star Review

"We’ve quadrupled our donor database! Last year, we had roughly 2,500 gifts – a record number! We’ve raised $14 million for the new building thanks to the successful capital campaign, in addition to raising what we need to cover regular expenses. I can honestly say we would not have had all this success without DonorPerfect."

Greg Steinberger
Hillel at the University of Wisconsin – Madison

DonorPerfect Reference

Watch Stephanie’s Testimony!

"I really like the filters- I can create a report that looks exactly how I want it to look and captures just the individuals I want to capture. I love the flags field – I use that to really be able to segment lists when it’s time for solicitations. We tracked how long it took to input gifts, as well as to do thank yous and acknowledgements and realized the system was really going to save us a lot of time.

I’ve been very happy with DonorPerfect. I think it’s a great solution for nonprofits of all size. You really get a lot for your money. "

Stephanie Cory
Kendal-Crosslands Communities

"We did some looking at the different options out there and quickly narrowed it down to DonorPerfect. We’ve been very satisfied with the product and I’d recommend it to others."

Bob Mayre
New Orleans Area Habitat for Humanity

"In the first year, we increased gifts over 80%! After two years, we more than doubled our donor database. DonorPerfect is a MUST for people who need to know their donors better and maximize their fundraising."

Jack Kalla

"Thanks to DonorPerfect, we have now reached and exceeded our capital campaign goal of $3.8 million. In fact, we’re at $4.5 million!"

Hector Perez
Johnston Memorial Hospital Foundation

Watch Dana’s Testimony!

"The support department is fantastic. I recently made a “boo-boo”… I deleted a field that should not have been deleted. The numbers weren’t there- they were gone. I called for help. They figured out what my mistake was and they were able to restore everything – and they set up filters and formulas so that it wouldn’t happen again. Whenever I have a problem I call them. They’re just fantastically wonderful, and they’re always helpful. "

Dana Shokes
Sacramento Food Bank and Family Services

"DonorPerfect has helped us to develop a much needed personal relationship with our donors. We’re seeing regular supporters giving special gifts and many new monthly supporters to The Sound of Life as a result. We’re able to manage our donor data base in a way we never could and thus serve our donors more personally because of DonorPerfect. And your support team is a treasure! Thanks for bringing us into the 21st Century!"

Tom Michaels Zahradnik
The Sound of Life Radio Network

"We’re a small nonprofit and we really appreciate how simple it is to use DonorPerfect. We know DonorPerfect can be configured for some of the most sophisticated fundraisers. But in our case, your flexibility allowed us to keep things scaled to the level of simplicity we need. Thanks for making things so easy!"

Bill Kirken
St. Paul Homes

DonorPerfect Reference

Watch Greg’s Testimony!

"The software is easy to use and pretty darn intuitive. We’re very happy campers. We’ve been using DonorPerfect for over 7 years and it’s been a godsend. We find it very easy to use, highly flexible, it meets all our needs, and has wonderful, wonderful support. We love the fact that the organization listens to us. "

Greg Pierce
Mennonite Home Communities

"DonorPerfect is a little gem that fits our nonprofit perfectly. I used Raiser’s Edge elsewhere in the past, and I think for us DonorPerfect is a great product for much less."

Jill Royce
LifeWorks of Sonoma County

"I cannot tell you enough times just how pleased I am with DonorPerfect. It is the greatest! Thanks for making my job easier!"

Andrea Hall Levy
Riverdale Mental Health Association

"We are constantly evaluating our data to figure out better ways to raise money and we really appreciate the power and flexibility of DonorPerfect’s Report Writer. We are very satisfied with the system and we think the support staff is the best!"

Brenda O’Conner
Museum of the Rockies

"I am very happy with DonorPerfect. In addition, I’ve found that the new modules and updates are great, and show that DonorPerfect is constantly trying to improve the software and keep us up to date.

So would I recommend DonorPerfect? Yes, because of all of the above and the price! "

Nanette E. Dion
Salesian Sisters of St. John Bosco

Watch Sherry’s Testimony!

"I travel around to different campuses plus I work a lot at home. It’s nice for me to go to the online version of DonorPerfect because I can access it anywhere from the internet. And the customer service is just top notch. Everyone is very helpful…. I just call that phone number and they walk you right through it! "

Sherry Heim
StoneRidge Retirement Living

"The Fundraising Effectiveness Project has made great progress since DonorPerfect became charter members of the AFP Donor Software Workgroup back in 2006. Today, we find there is increasing interest in using data generated from the FEP project. Nonprofits are using the data to help make decisions about allocation of resources for fundraising and ways to improve donor retention."
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Paulette V. Maehara    &    Elizabeth T. Boris
President & CEO, AFP   |   The Urban Institute

"Using DonorPerfect allows me to use my time more strategically, which is already paying big dividends for the Institute. And my board loves the financial reports I can pull. I turn them into PDF files and email them – all done within DonorPerfect."

Michelle Hinson
Institute for Public Relations

"I love DonorPerfect! I’d rate it a 10 – easy to learn, easy to customize, powerful enough to do what I need without loading up on a bunch of features I’ll never use."

Molly Sasse
Chattanooga Symphony and Opera

"DonorPerfect captures all of the data that is crucial in fundraising. It’s a great help in targeting donors, knowing your donors and helping to analyze giving to implement improved strategies"

Christine Lewis
United Way of the DuPage Area

"We are really pleased with the variety of reports available and how easy the system is to use. And the support department is fantastic!"

Ms. Jean Halter
Interfaith Ministries

"Our campus organizations throughout the world use DonorPerfect. Sites both large or small have found the system fast, flexible and truly easy to use."

Melissa Miller
Hillel International

DonorPerfect Reference

Watch Chris’s Testimony!

"It’s my job to keep the database clean. The thing I like about DonorPerfect is that it’s so user friendly. If you make a mistake, it’s not a problem, you can delete that and start over. The fact that DP can do that and has so many other functions makes it a phenomenal software. "

Chris Price
Rehoboth Art League

"DonorPerfect was very affordable for our organization and it came highly recommended by another local nonprofit. It has the elbow grease to do what we need done. We worked with a homemade database that was not user-friendly, and too many important donor-related matters were falling through the cracks as a result. DonorPerfect is robust enough to capture and enable the professional touch we need with our donors."

Tracy Alexis
St. Martin’s Hospitality Center

"Acknowledgments and income tax receipts are no problem — in fact, all receipting is easy because they’re treated like another report. You can just go in and change it to what you need. Add new fields — whatever you want — it’s so flexible"

Kevin Lynch

"I wanted to express my gratitude for all the years we’ve reaped the benefits of DonorPerfect. The ‘personal’ touch of that program touched many donors’ lives and solidified our donor base beyond words! I was privileged to see the benefits, and the ‘Army’ will be privileged to ‘reap’ those benefits for years to come."

Ronald L. Lugiano, Major
Former Development Secretary
Salvation Army Empire State Division


"I really appreciate the service we have received thus far. From the sales team to the implementation to the mapping specialist – everyone has been very attentive and helped make the transition as simple and painless as possible!"

Myrna Pappas
Venice Community Housing

Watch Caitlin’s Testimony!

"We didn’t have one specific location where we were storing all our donor information. It was in different Excel worksheets and just all over the place. As far as compiling all our events together and all our donors together we just wanted to find a central hub to host all that information. DonorPerfect has been really beneficial to us to see everything pulled together as one. It allows us to use our information in a smarter way. There’s so much that it can do- and it’s kind of exactly what we need to take the next step to grow as a company. We’re lucky to have found it. "

Caitlin Mahon
Bringing Hope Home


"DonorPages took care of a whole blanket of issues for us. And our families have really embraced it. Often times $10,000 is raised before we’ve even worked with them. I’ve watched it go from a $1,000 a day average to over $3,000. We’ve raised over $6.7 million in online donations, and we couldn’t live without Donorpages now. It’s been a great tool and I’d absolutely recommend it to other nonprofits."

Barry Martin
Children’s Organ Transplant Association


"Since switching to DonorPerfect, I’ve been able to do solid and accurate reporting. I’ve also found the training to be excellent as well as the support. The friendliness of the support staff is excellent."

Angie Warren
Coachella Valley Rescue Mission

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