Nonprofit Law Firm Uses DonorPerfect to Automate Manual, Paper-Driven Donor Management in 30 Days

Client Success Story: Legal Services of Central New York (LSCNY) Automates Donor Management

Legal Services of Central New York (LSCNY) is a nonprofit law firm that’s nearly 60 years old. It provides legal assistance to low income families all across central New York with more than 40 lawyers and paralegals. They have over 4,000 donors in their database.

Business Challenge

No donor management system in place; all donor data was tracked on paper

Jim Battaglia began working with Legal Services of Central New York (LSCNY) at the end of 2013. He was brought on as Director of Development and assigned to select a donor database for the nonprofit. Prior to using DonorPerfect, LSCNY needed a lot of help; as Jim explained, “When I arrived, the only way we tracked donations was with physical paper and old spreadsheets. All of our donor records were kept in manila folders. It took forever to find any information about donors, and there was no easy way of contacting them to ask for donations. It was obvious we needed something to organize all our data, as well as give us the ability to contact our donors more.”


DonorPerfect Online Fundraising Software with Seamless Data Transfer Process

Jim had experience with a number of donor management systems. “The main solutions we looked at were DonorPerfect, DonorPro, and Raiser’s Edge. I had used both DonorPerfect and Raiser’s Edge in the past, but I’ve always thought that Raiser’s Edge was too cumbersome to use. DonorPerfect is so straightforward and the presentation is so clean, everything is more accessible in the system compared to Raiser’s Edge. I had a great experience using it in the past and thought it would be the perfect fit for what we were trying to do.”

Key Results

Before Jim could take advantage of DonorPerfect, he had to have his data entered into the system. “We had about 4,200 constituents we wanted to enter into our system, and they were all on paper; as I said, we’ve never used an electronic method. That was my biggest concern when we decided we were going to purchase a donor management system: how would we get the data in there? I thought it was going to be a nightmare no matter what system we went with. But I was absolutely shocked at how easy it was with DonorPerfect. I got on the phone with a specialist, they talked me through it, and the whole process was totally effortless. I couldn’t believe how quickly our data was entered. The process was so simple; a novice would have no problem setting it up. I was dreading this part more than anything, but the DonorPerfect team made it so easy.”

“Once the system was running, I noticed the amount of time it saved immediately. Instead of searching through our papers for 10 minutes, I can look up a donor record in 10 seconds.”

Having everything organized online will also help us staying in touch with our donors. We’re trying to have 6-8 touches a year per donor, which will be doable with the information at our fingertips, as well as the Constant Contact integration. Before, we contacted a donor maybe once a year, sometimes once every two years. Now we have the ability to maintain consistent communication with them, which we’re confident will boost overall donations.”

“We’ve also taken advantage of the quick reporting. It’s a breeze to run a report and pull donors of specific criteria; now we’ve begun doing more targeted solicitations. And if I run into a problem, the technical support team is top notch. I’ve only had to call them a few times, but every time they’re friendly and helpful.”

“Between the smooth and seamless setup process to the program itself, everything has exceeded expectations for us. I was expecting a lot more challenges and bumps in the road along the way, but we were up and running in about 30 days and I couldn’t be happier.”

Fundraising Success - Nonprofit Automates Manual, Paper-Driven Donor Management in 30 Days!

Key results:

  • Smooth, fast implementation process took 4,200 donors on paper and moved them into the database with less than 30 minutes of the client’s time.
  • Record lookups that used to take 10-20 minutes now take 10-20 seconds.
  • DonorPerfect is helping to increase donor contacts from 1 to a goal of 6-8 times per year.
  • Easy reporting tools enable targeted solicitation campaigns.

I’m on the board of four nonprofits, two of which are currently looking for fundraising software, and I’m pushing DonorPerfect with them because of how easy everything is.

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Jim Battaglia

Legal Services of Central New York