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Your Post-Giving Tuesday Donor Retention System

Don’t let the glitter of Giving Tuesday fade at the close of your campaign. Follow these simple steps and leverage the time-saving email templates to set up a donor retention system designed to bring new Giving Tuesday supporters into the community of donors who back your cause all year long.

Say Thank You to Everyone Who Supported You

It’s easy to get caught up in the day-after tasks that take time away from donor engagement, but if you expect to retain your new Giving Tuesday donors, add saying “Thank You” to the top of your to-do list. GuideStar reports that new donors who receive a thank you within 48 hours of donating are 4 times more likely to give to your organization again. To help you cross off this task a little quicker, we’ve provided you with this Giving Tuesday thank you email template.

Giving Tuesday Thank You Email Template

Subject Line: Giving Tuesday was a success thanks to YOU!

Welcome New Donors to Your Community

Segment your Giving Tuesday donor list to identify first-time donors and send them a special welcome email about a week after Giving Tuesday. The goal of your welcome email is to bring new donors into the fold by letting them know how much you appreciate them, and give them ways they can support your organization all year long. Use this email template as inspiration to help you highlight the most exciting aspects of your organization to your next loyal supporters.

Subject Line: Hi [NAME], [Example: Lisa], Welcome to the [ORGANIZATION NAME] [Example: Coral Acres Food Pantry] Community!

Show Donors The Impact of Their Giving Tuesday Gifts

In addition to being thanked, donors want to know that the money they give to you is being spent responsibly and effectively. Showing new donors the tangible difference that their first gift made can almost guarantee that they’ll give to you again.

When you send this follow-up email a month after Giving Tuesday, you may not have much of an update when it comes to notable accomplishments. That’s okay! Even though you may not have rolled out a project completely, you can share:

  • The plans you’ve set as a result of your Giving Tuesday fundraising dollars.
  • A testimonial of who will benefit from your Giving Tuesday-funded work.
  • Photos of where you’re starting, along with a projected progress timeline.

Consider this template your guide to communicating just how much a new donor’s Giving Tuesday donation means to the success of your nonprofit’s mission.

Giving Tuesday Impact Email Template

Subject Line : Special Update: See Your Giving Tuesday Donation in Action

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