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QuickBooks Integration

Category: Financial + Accounting

Country Availability: Canada, United States

Integration Type: One-Direction API

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DonorPerfect integrates with both Intuit QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online to simplify your nonprofit accounting and eliminate double data entry. Designed to help today’s fundraisers save time and hassle while balancing the books, QuickBooks is an essential tool for all nonprofit organizations. Nonprofits can easily manage their fundraising efforts with a single source for donor and financial data.


  • Import transactions from DonorPerfect
  • Customize how you send data from DonorPerfect to QuickBooks
  • Save time and reduce errors by eliminating double data entry
  • Provide a complete and accurate audit trail for financial reporting
  • Manage expenses, financial statements and non-donor revenue with QuickBooks while benefiting from DonorPerfect’s specialized features for managing donor, gift, and pledge data
  • Link DonorPerfect and gifts to QuickBooks customers, classes, bank accounts, and income accounts


  • Simplified setup and data mapping for single gifts, daily summary, and monthly summary
  • Security access enabling 
  • Quick access filters for gifts (posted, unposted, missing codes, date range, etc.)
  • Anytime access to posted gift history
  • Field mapping for classes and subclasses
  • Ability to map a donor to a QuickBooks customer

How it works

Start and end your transaction entry with DonorPerfect to avoid manual errors and save countless hours. Maintain complete details for donors, gifts, pledges, and communication in DonorPerfect, and sync only needed financial data for accounting.


Choose data to send to QuickBooks


Track & reconcile transactions with certainty


Avoid double data entry with the click of a button

Frequently Asked Questions

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2. If I do not have QuickBooks Online, how can I buy it?

3. What information is synced to DonorPerfect?

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