DP Giving Meter


  • Keep donors posted on the progress of your fundraising campaigns
  • Create custom giving meters for an unlimited number of campaigns



DP Giving Meter provides donors with real time visual updates on the progress of your fundraising campaigns.

  • Meter templates for a variety of purposes
  • Customizable text and numeric fields
  • Simple placement on fundraising websites and emails
  • Includes Donate button that links to DonorPerfect Online Forms
  • Available scrolling list of donors with selectable amount/name display

“The DP Giving Meter allowed our donors to follow along with our progress through this campaign. Many donors reached out and expressed checking the meter daily. They were so impressed by our rapid progress towards our goal, especially given the challenging climate! I feel the meter allowed us to interact and connect with our donors at a new level – critical to the success of the campaign.”

Lydia M.
Boyertown Area Multi-Service

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Fundraising Thermometer Screenshot from DonorPerfect Giving Meter Donation Progress Bar Screenshot from DonorPerfect Giving Meter Realtime donation report Screenshot from DonorPerfect Giving Meter

Fast Facts

About: DP Giving Meter spotlights fundraising campaign progress in real time through meters nonprofits can customize for any occasion.

Category: Online Fundraising

Country Availability: United States, Canada, United Kingdom

Integration Type: Bi-Directional API

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