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DonateStock makes stock gifting accessible and easy for nonprofits of all sizes. DonateStock’s Easy Button for Stock GiftingTM removes the friction and provides transparency to unlock billions in new funding for nonprofits. DonateStock is backed by comprehensive support to help nonprofits launch and grow stock gifting programs. Soliciting and accepting stock gifts has never been easier.

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  • t’s easy for donors to execute tax-advantaged stock gifts in minutes, without leaving your site
  • All nonprofits can now launch grow stock gifting programs with ease and transparency
  • No brokerage, no problem. DonateStock can convert the stock to cash and send you the proceeds (along with the donor’s information)
  • Arming you with content to inform and educate donors about stock gifting
  • Your own branded giving page that you can personalize and manage at Donatestock.com
  • Seasonal matching campaigns
  • Security, privacy and peace of mind


Our Easy Button for Stock GiftingTM enables donors to initiate stock gifts in minutes.

DonateStock initiates and monitors the transfer of stock to ensure each transaction is completed in a timely manner.

Notifications and dashboards provide full transparency into stock gifts and donor information.

Nonprofits can elect to transfer the stock to their own brokerage account, or let DonateStock Charitable (501c3) convert the stock to cash and distribute proceeds via ACH.

Stock Gifting Playbook will help you launch and grow your stock gifting program.

Downloadable content and tools for your website, email, newsletters, and social media to educate donors on the benefits and ease of stock gifting.

Additional Features

  • Seasonal matching campaigns to amplify generosity.
  • Highly-rated live support to help you maximize donations throughout the year.
  • There’s no cost to register, onboard and start marketing stock gifts. DonateStock simply charges a 3% transaction fee that is capped for larger gifts.
  • Strict privacy policy: we do not sell or share data about nonprofits or donors.
  • Security governance program.

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