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DP CheckScan

Category: Payment Processing

Country Availability: Canada, United States

Integration Type: Bi-Directional API

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DP CheckScan is a solution that allows nonprofits to scan checks and enter gift data into DonorPerfect. This tool saves nonprofit professionals time by leveraging technology for a quick and seamless way to process check donations. If your organization processes more than 5,000 checks per year, DP CheckScan pays for itself!


  • Automatically add data to donor records
  • Organize data by solicitation codes and general ledger
  • Eliminate lockbox fees
  • Avoid deposit slips and mid-day drives to the bank


It’s easy to use DP CheckScan with DonorPerfect!

Use DonorPerfect to build your mailing list of donors and prospects. Then, submit your list to your direct mail agency, which can create a scannable remittance card compatible with DP CheckScan.

As you receive donations, feed the remittance cards and checks through DP CheckScan’s imaging hardware.

Once the donations are verified, all gift information is automatically added to donor records with solicitation codes and general ledger. No data entry needed!

DP CheckScan matches each remittance card with the appropriate donor or prospect in your DonorPerfect fundraising database and presents the donation information on your screen for easy verification.

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