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Category: Volunteer Management

Country Availability: Canada, United Kingdom, United States

Integration Type: General Import/Export

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SignUp is a self-scheduling platform for nonprofit volunteers seeking one-time or recurring positions for any type of event via desktop or mobile app.

Recruit, manage, and communicate with volunteers while growing your constituent network.


  • Create volunteer signups for one-time and recurring positions
  • Allow participants to share your SignUp page on social media
  • Enable participation without the need for a password
  • Allow volunteers to sign up from anywhere with an accompanying mobile app
  • Set up automated reminders to easily communicate with participants
  • Create email lists from your existing DonorPerfect records
  • Import volunteer hours into DonorPerfect records


Self-scheduling interface

Custom registration forms with your nonprofit’s logo, images, links, and desired fields

eCalendar syncing

Optional waiver

Additional features

  • Compatible mobile app 
  • Real-time reporting 
  • Customer support

Frequently Asked Questions

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2. Does SignUp easily integrate with DonorPerfect?

3. Will this solution help my team manage a large volunteer base?

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