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Announcing Test Mode for WebLink Forms

Whether you’re still popping the balloons that filled your cubicle this morning or are planning a prank on someone else, every April Fools’ Day brings out the practical joker in many of us. Today, we wanted to make your online fundraising life easier in a number of ways, without all the cleanup of someone else’s joke.

WebLink Test Mode – Double Checking Your Masterpiece Before Sending

We all know the feeling when you discover a misspelled word, grammar error, or a mistake after you already sent it. Now, you’ll be able to easily test all pages of your online donation form as well as the email confirmation before you send it to your donors.

Thanks to a great idea submitted through Suggest and Vote, we’re bringing you this new feature in WebLink. With one click on the WebLink form status in the RAC, you can easily put your form into test mode to review your handiwork.

DonorPerfect Online Donation Forms Admin Area Screenshot

Whether you’re creating a new form or making changes to an existing one, you’ll be able to step through the entire process, from end to end — including viewing the receipt page and email — without processing an actual transaction. With test mode, you’ll be able to make sure the form meets your needs and enables a great donor experience before you ever send the form to collect donations.

How to Enable Test Mode

1. Click on Active in the Status column in the RAC to see the status options for your form.

DonorPerfect Screen Shot

2. Then, select Test.

3. Once your form is in test mode, navigate to the live form to test the layout and content is exactly how you want it. A warning message will appear to all form visitors informing them that the form is in Test Mode and that payments cannot be processed while Test Mode is enabled.

These test transactions will not be submitted or processed with your SafeSave Gateway. Instead, they will be sent to a secure test account. This allows you to continue processing donations through your other WebLink forms and DonorPerfect during your testing.

Other Improvements

The Download Settings screen has been reorganized. We think you’ll find the new layout easier to use and more intuitive. Also, we updated many of the Help icons throughout WebLink with Knowledgebase articles to learn more about the screen you are on./

For a complete list of all the changes made in this release, see the release notes in our DonorPerfect knowledgebase.

Written by Ally Orlando
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