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Has Your Donor Management Software Abandoned You? You Have Options!

We’ve been hearing a lot about our competitors being bought out; forcing their non-profit clients into tough decisions.

Using GiftWorks®?

GiftWorks® software was acquired by FrontStream Payments®. FrontStream quickly announced that they would disable older, but still working copies of GiftWorks unless those customers “upgrade” to a new version and pay monthly fees. Giftworks is no longer supported.

Using Common Ground®?

Blackbaud® discontinued support for Common Ground® as a fundraising solution in March 2014.

Using GiftMaker Pro®?

GiftMaker Pro® is another product bought by BlackBaud®. Support has been discontinued.

DonorPerfect is an alternative

We feel these actions are wrong, and hurt the nonprofit community, so we’re determined to offer a better option:

  • We’re offering a Special GiftWorks® User Upgrade Program, which matches GiftWorks’ offer and provides an upgrade to our fully web-based solution.
  • Common Ground® clients who have been negatively affected can get a quality alternative. We guarantee that we’ll lower your annual subscription costs by at least 25%, in addition to other special savings that will eliminate the cost of switching.
  • If you’re still using GiftMaker, check out our GiftMaker Pro® Switch & Save offer for more information.
DonorPerfect Screenshot

DonorPerfect Web-Based Donor Management Software (pictured with our free Mobile App)

At DonorPerfect, we pride ourselves on being a privately owned company. We’ve been serving the nonprofit industry for almost 30 years and have no intentions of selling out. We’re committed to continually providing the best products and services to the nonprofit community.  DonorPerfect was the top rated fundraising software for the third consecutive time according to an independent study by NTEN and Idealware. Plus, DonorPerfect is backed by the best technical support, software developers, and a host of other talented folks devoted to your total satisfaction.  If you’re looking for quality alternative, check us out. We’d love to welcome you to the DonorPerfect family!

Written by Sam Goldenberg
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