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Release Announcement: 3 Ways We’re Working to Improve Tributes Management

Learn how DonorPerfect helps you manage Tributes better.

Tributes are a way for your donors to honor the passing of a friend or loved one, or recognize someone important in their life by making a contribution to your nonprofit. Tribute gifts are important because they raise awareness for your mission, help acquire new donors who aren’t currently involved with your nonprofit, and build increased loyalty to your organization among your existing donors.

Feedback from Tributes Beta participants

Managing Tributes

Managing tributes can be challenging since you have to keep track of the donor who gives a gift for the tribute, the person being honored, and any family members or constituents who need to be notified that a gift was made as a tribute. Here are three ways this latest release of DonorPerfect and our Tributes (Beta version) function make that process easier:

1.) One Central Place to Manage Tributes

In our Tributes Beta, we’ve made it easy to sort and view tributes, and quickly search for the information you need. Here, you’ll see a snapshot of the total number of gifts and actual amounts, with the ability to efficiently export tribute information to publicize in your newsletters and website. You can also create, manage and delete different types of tributes (e.g., In Honor of, In Memory of, etc.), and toggle your tribute types as Active/Inactive. Previously, you needed to select or create a specific donor before adding a tribute. This made it harder to manage. Fundraising Management Tributes Central Screenshot

2.) Tribute Functions are Integrated into Everyday Tasks

Don’t want to navigate off of the Gift Entry screen to add a tribute? You can create or edit a tribute and perform other tribute management functions, such as adding a recipient right from a Gift record or within Batch 2.0. You can also apply a single gift to multiple tributes right from the gift screen.

3.) Assign Notification Recipients With Ease

When a tribute is established, a family member usually provides instructions on how to notify them of gifts made in their loved one’s honor. The person designated to be notified is called the recipient. In Tributes Beta, you can add a recipient who is notified of all gifts applied to a tribute. You can also conveniently add recipients who are only notified for one specific gift. If the recipient isn’t in your database, simply add their record without leaving the gift entry screen.

Feedback from Nonprofit Tributes Beta Users

How Can I Participate in the Tributes Beta?

Want to participate in our beta test of Tributes? Fill out this form to get started today!

What Else is New In DonorPerfect?

Tributes Beta wasn’t the only feature that changed for this release. If you want to see the entire list of changes for the 2016.01 release, please visit DonorPerfect 2016 Release Notes in our DonorPerfect Community Knowledgebase.

Written by Ally Orlando
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