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DP Release Announcement: Instantly Find the Data and Reports You Need

Check out our new, more intuitive report names and descriptions in the latest DonorPerfect release.

Instantly Find the Data and Reports You Need!

What’s in a name? In this month’s DonorPerfect release, our new, more intuitive report names and descriptions will help you quickly find the exact reports you need. Based on your feedback, the improved report names and descriptions are more in line with the way you think about data. Plus, you’ll spend less time training new staff and volunteers on where to find key information. To see a report’s former name, simply hover over the report description.

DonorPerfect's AFP-Key Metrics report

What Report Names Were Changed

Here are a few highlights of the new name changes. For a full list of renamed reports, visit Standard Reports That Have Been Renamed in the Knowledgebase in DP Community.


Cultivate Donations and Retain Donors

Here’s a typical scenario: Your ED wants to personally call all donors that have given $10,000 or more. How can you find these donors? The Donors by Giving Level report breaks down which donors are contributing at different membership or giving levels. This report used to be called the Donor Recognition Report. The new name is much clearer and tells you instantly what the report purpose is! Now, it’s much easier to find this, and other constituent reports like it, to help you cultivate donations and retain donors.


Build Your Fundraising Strategy

You can’t have a plan to retain and steward donors without an accurate snapshot of your donor pipeline. How healthy is it? Are you successfully moving donors from making their first gift to becoming regular, lifetime supporters? The AFP – Key Donor Metrics report displays changes in new, upgraded, recaptured, downgraded, and lapsed donors and other key metrics. Previously, this report was named the AFP-Fundraising Effectiveness Report. The new name clearly positions it as a tool to build your strategy for acquisition and reactivation of donors.


Say NO to Jargon and Acronyms

Nonprofit organizations, just like other industries, have their own “insider’s language.” If you are new to the industry or aren’t familiar with certain terms, you may not know your LYBUNT from your SYBUNT. To help, we’ve removed the jargon from our report names. Now, instead of the LYBNTY report, click the Last Year But Not This Year Donors report. This new report name makes it easier to discover donors who are waning in their interest to your organization so you can target your outreach efforts. You’ll find exactly the information you need, acronym free.

These are only a few of the reports we renamed. To view the entire list of 20 renamed reports, read Standard Reports That Have Been Renamed in the Knowledgebase. You might discover the keys to data you didn’t even know you could find!


Updated Constant Contact Security

Your donors trust you with their emails and other contact information. Communication with them is a lifeline for every nonprofit organization. That’s why it’s so important for us to stay ahead of the curve and keep your donor data safe. In this release, we’ve updated the security between Constant Contact and DonorPerfect. You’ll no longer be able to log directly into Constant Contact from within DonorPerfect. This small change adds one extra step to your integration between the two systems but ensures a better, more secure experience. Here’s what’s changed:


Launching Constant Contact

If you need to launch Constant Contact to set up emails and view reports in their application, you must click App Links > Constant Contact. Simply enter your login credentials and you’ll have access to all of the Constant Contact features in your account.

While using the Constant Contact module in DonorPerfect via Mailings > Constant Contact Email, you’ll no longer see the Launch Constant Contact button in the Campaign Results, List Management or Reports tabs. The only way to access Constant Contact directly is through App Links > Constant Contact.

If you don’t remember your Constant Contact password or have trouble logging in, visit Logging In and Updating Your Constant Contact Password in the Knowledgebase.


Release Notes

More Intuitive report names and updated security for Constant Contact are not the only improvements in this release. Read about all the enhancements in the DonorPerfect 2019.09 Release Notes in the Knowledgebase in DP Community.


Written by Ally Orlando