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Release Announcement: Making Sense of Donor Data

Key updates to Search, Selection Filters and Batch Receipting for Tribute Notifications will help you manage donor data, finding exactly the records you need.

Every day, you rely on DonorPerfect to help you manage all of the data that you need to build donor relationships. We know how important it is that you can quickly find supporter information to personalize your communications, identify giving trends, or to rally volunteers. With this month’s release improvements, you get a clearer picture of your supporter relationships and the transactions they generate. Updates to Search, Selection Filters, and Batch Receipting for Tribute Notifications will help you make sense of donor data, finding precisely the records you need.

Find Donor Data with Matched Search Results

Has this happened to you? You have a portion of a donor address, such as your donor’s street name or work email address. When you search for that item, the search results don’t display anything with the street name or the email address you searched on. How do you know which record is the correct donor? You told us you wanted an easier way to identify records in the search results. We heard you! Now, you no longer have to click into the record, look at each alternate address, and figure out what field it matched on. By default, matched alternative address results now display under the Main parent record. The new “match” icon makes it easy to see which linked record contains the donor data you need.

Manage donor data with better address matching in your search results.

Improve Bank Reconciliations By Excluding Tribute Notifications

Do you use the reports in Receipts to help you reconcile your bank statements? Having notifications displayed in the results can give you incorrect data. Thanks to this great idea, we’ve added a simple checkbox to include or exclude tribute notifications from your reports. By default, tribute notifications are now excluded, making it easier to reconcile bank statements.

By excluding tribute notifications you can manage donor data better.

If you’ve participated in the Usability Feedback group, you had a chance to see this idea when our UX team first proposed it in early March. Check out one of the group’s first posts about this to see how your feedback contributed to this idea coming to life. Thanks for all of your input and participation to make this idea a reality!

Exclude Multiple Items When Filtering

Flags and Multi-Select fields are an excellent tool for tracking the details of your donors and your interactions with them, but filtering on these fields can be a challenge, especially when you want to exclude specific items. Filtering for donors without certain items just got easier with the new Exclude Multiple Items operator, thanks to this great idea submitted to our Suggest and Vote program. Now you can exclude multiple items including those with NULL values in one step without building a compound filter.

the new Exclude Multiple Items operator means no more compound filters to manage donor data

Get Ready For #GivingTuesdayNow

#GivingTuesdayNow is a global day of giving and unity that will take place on May 5, 2020, as an emergency response to the unprecedented need caused by COVID-19. For this month’s release, we’ve created a dedicated #GivingTuesdayNow template that’s branded with images and messaging. You can participate in #GivingTuesdayNow without taking a lot of time and effort to prepare. Follow these 3 Quick Steps to Participate in #GivingTuesdayNow to get started.

Coming Soon: Reassigning Gifts

If you haven’t joined the DP Usability Feedback group yet, stop by to see what it’s all about. Right now, the team is working on how to reassign a gift to another donor. Check it out and let us know what you think. We’d love your feedback on what improvements are coming up for DonorPerfect and how we can make them even better.

Release Notes

Improvements that help you manage donor data in DonorPerfect are not the only updates in this release. Read about all of the enhancements in the DonorPerfect 2020.04 Release Notes in the Knowledgebase in DP Community.

Written by Ally Orlando
  1. Thank you for your work on the system. I am pleased and excited for all these new adjustments.
    • Stephanie Kanak permalink
      Hi Karrie! Thank you for letting us know that you're excited for this month's release. It's always nice to hear from our clients.
  2. Find Donor Data with Matched Search Results I'm using DP now and trying to find an organization but the system is "matching" me with the organization's president. How can I match with the org and NOT the president?
    • Stephanie Kanak permalink
      Hi Yvonne. The President may be showing up because of a matching alternate address. You can de-select the Search Alternate Addresses checkbox and that should allow you to see just the organization. Feel free to reach out to the support if you still have any issues. The easiest way to contact support is to click the Help question mark in the upper right corner of DP and click Chat Support.
  3. Hi there, is there a way to change the default so that alternate addresses are NOT displayed when searching? I'd like to do a quick search and not have to do an Advanced search just to uncheck it.
    • Stephanie Kanak permalink
      Hi Brianna. Thanks for contacting us. Right now the only way to disable this is to uncheck the Search Alternate Addresses parameter. However, the setting is not retained if you exit from search. If you'd like the settings to be retained so it is not showing alternate addresses by default, check out this item in Suggest and Vote and add your vote and comments so the development team understands how it would help your workflow to be able to disable this.
  4. lorne magnone permalink
    Turning off the "Search Alternate Addresses" permanently doesn't appear to work.
    • Stephanie Kanak permalink
      Hi Lorne. Yes, that is by design. If this is not helpful to your workflow and you'd like to be able to have it turned off permanently, you can vote on this item in Suggest and Vote. Feel free to add any comments on why you'd like to be able to turn off Search Alternate Addresses permanently. This would guide our development team to understand your workflow so we can improve DonorPerfect.
  5. Ruth Schmidt permalink
    Is there a way to unselect the "matched search results" as a default setting? It seems I have to do it repeatedly - it's more information than I need to see and it's cluttering up my feed.
    • Stephanie Kanak permalink
      Hi Ruth. Thanks for reaching out to let us know how this new Search feature is impacting you. Client feedback is very important to us and helps us shape everything we do! If this is not helpful to your workflow and you’d like to be able to have it turned off permanently, you can vote on this item in Suggest and Vote. Feel free to add any comments on how the alternate addresses are cluttering up your feed, why the information you see is not valuable and what results would be more helpful for you to view. This would guide our development team to understand your workflow so we can improve DonorPerfect.
  6. Thank you for all you do to help make our job easier. Thank you for your quick response to issues and your efficient and timely solutions.
    • Stephanie Kanak permalink
      Hi Galya. Thanks so much for commenting to let us know how we're doing. We love hearing from all our clients!

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