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25 Places to Share Your Donation Form

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Congratulations – you just created a new online form. Now what? How can you get the word out and share your donation form with your constituents? We’ll show you how to add an easy-to-remember link for your form and list 25 of the best places to share your form to keep donations flowing into your nonprofit. 

25 Places to Share Your Online Donation Form

Once you have a link to your form, it’s time to start sharing it! Here are some ideas of where to include it.

1. Add a Donation Button

Add a donation button on your website’s home page that links to your donation form. Prominently display your button near the top of the page. Make it colorful so that it is easily seen by donors. Also, have a very clear call to action such as Donate or Donate Now. Make it the obvious place to click to make a donation.

2. Tell Donors How to Give

Add a Ways to Give page to your website that lists all the ways that your donors can support your organization. Donate Online, with a link to your form, should be at the top of the list since it is the best way for website visitors to donate. Other options might include Donate by Mail, Donate by Phone, Donate Monthly, Planned Giving, and Corporate Matching Gifts. 

3. Via Direct Mail

Include your form link in any letters, postcards or other direct mail solicitations you send to donors. Since you created an easy to remember form link, donors are more likely to visit it.

4. Send a Text

DP Text, DonorPerfect’s integrated text fundraising tool, makes it easy to engage donors via text. Include a link to your donation form in your next text message using this tool. Since 95% of text messages are read within 3 minutes, there’s a great chance donors will respond and donate.

5. Update Marketing and Fundraising Materials

Add your form link to brochures, postcards or other leave-behind materials. Also, review any email newsletters to ensure it’s included there as well.

6. Send Email Solicitations

Send donors an email solicitation with a link to your donation form. Increase the likelihood that donors will complete their donation by sending personalized SmartGive links that will pre-fill donor information.

7. Keep It Social

Make sure social media supporters know how to donate to your organization when they reach your social media profiles. Add your donation form link to:

  • The About section of your Facebook Page
  • Your Twitter description
  • Your Instagram Bio
  • Your LinkedIn Page

Also, include your donation form in all of the posts you share promoting any fundraising campaigns.

8. Update Staff Social Media Profiles

Ask your staff to add the donation URL to their social media profiles.

9. Include Engaged Supporters

Encourage engaged supporters, volunteers, and board members to share your donation form on their social media profiles.

10. Cross-Promote in Other Forms

Add a link to your donation form to the email confirmation that constituents receive when they register for events, sign up to volunteer or join your mailing list.

11. Signed, Sealed and Delivered

Add your donation form link and a creative request to donate to the email signature that appears at the bottom of all outgoing emails you send.

12. Reach Out to Facebook Groups

Share your donation page link in relevant Facebook groups, such as an alumni network.

13. Go Mobile

Do you use DPMobile at events to process tickets sales or registrations? Add a link to your donation form in the email receipt that DPMobile sends when swiping or entering a payment.

14. Follow-up with DPMobile

If you’re on a donor visit or at an event talking with a donor, and they don’t want to donate right away, text or email them the link using DPMobile as a follow-up. It uses your phone’s native features to text and email right from the donor’s record in the app. Plus, it creates a contact record too!

15. In Your Press Release’s Boilerplate

When you send a press release that announces an upcoming event or shares recent accomplishments, include your donation form link in the boilerplate section that describes your organization.

16. Create a “Boilerplate” for Your Blog

If you have a blog on your website, include a short description of your organization’s mission that includes how to donate at the end of every blog post.

17. Partner with an Influencer

Partner with an influencer who believes in your mission and ask them to share your donation form link when they mention your organization.

18. Add It to Your Guest Post Bylines

Guest blogging is a great way to build awareness of your mission. For guest posts, you write content for other similar blogs in your industry (e.g., nonprofit) or sector (e.g., animal welfare). These sites will give you a byline that includes a link to your website. Try using your donation form link instead. Google “nonprofit blog guest post” or search by sector to get started.

19. Update the Author Bios on Your Blog

Add a link to your donation form in the author’s bio of your website’s blog.

20. Update Local Directories

Consider adding a link to your donation page via Google My Business, Yelp, Yellow Pages, or any other local directory site where your nonprofit’s services are listed.

21. Add It to Your Business Card

Add your donation form link to your business card (e.g., “Donate via “”).

22. Review Promotional Material

Do you have t-shirts, mugs or other giveaways? Make sure a link to your donation form is somewhere on those items.

23. Create a QR Code

It’s not always practical to have a kiosk or laptop available at events for participants to donate. Create a QR Code that links to your donation form and add it to flyers, table tents, and any Powerpoint presentations at the event. When donors scan the code, the form will appear on their phone.

24. Link Up YouTube

Share your donation form link at the end of any YouTube videos that your organization creates to promote your mission and services.

25. Revise Phone Messages

Many phone systems have music and messages that play while clients are on hold. Tell supporters how to give to your organization while they are waiting. You could also modify your voicemail message to do the same.

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