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DonorPerfect Reports That Measure Giving Tuesday Results

DonorPerfect reports and statistics can help you measure Giving Tuesday results.

How will you know if your Giving Tuesday campaign is a success? What is the best way to measure Giving Tuesday results? Decide now what to measure and put a system in place. It will make it easier to analyze the impact of your Giving Tuesday fundraising efforts. It will also improve future efforts for next year.

Reports to Measure Giving Tuesday Results

DonorPerfect provides a wealth of reports to analyze just about any aspect of your database that you want to track. Below are a few reports to help you quickly measure Giving Tuesday results.

Gift Listing Report

Use the Gift Listing Report as a quick way to calculate all the gifts received during the Giving Tuesday window (e.g., 11/28/2017 – 12/1/2017). Compare this to last year’s total. Did more donors donate? Did your overall donations increase?

Donor Recognition Report

The Donor Recognition Report allows you to break out which donors are contributing at different giving levels. Run the report using the date criteria for just the Giving Tuesday timeframe (e.g., 11/28/2017 – 12/1/2017) and use this information to target your fundraising efforts next year. If you’ve set up a Solicitation code for Giving Tuesday gifts, be sure to filter on that too. Which level of donors donated the most? How can you maximize donations from this group next year? Which level of donors donated the least? What could you do to engage them more?

Solicitation Analysis Report

The Solicitation Analysis Report is very helpful in determining the cost effectiveness of your various fundraising activities, especially those that involve direct mail solicitations. Read 3 Practical Tips to Track Your Giving Tuesday Donations to know which solicitation codes to set up and how to add them to your forms.

Want more in depth Giving Tuesday reporting? Need Giving Tuesday data to share with your board? Watch our Tracking and Reporting on your Giving Tuesday Campaign webinar. 

Measuring Online Donation Form Performance

DP’s Online Forms tracks valuable statistics about your online donation forms. From the Review and Acceptance Center (RAC), enable the Statics toggle to change your RAC view to see form views and conversion rates for any form.

Toggle on Statistics in the RAC to measure Giving Tuesday results

You can also track your online donation form with Google Analytics to see how well it performs during your Giving Tuesday campaign. Edit the form and select Additional Options > Advanced Settings to enter your Google Analytics tracking code.

Other Factors of Success During Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday isn’t only about the donations that come into your nonprofit. It’s also about gaining exposure and visibility for your organization. Consider these questions when your measure Giving Tuesday results.

What GivingTuesday Metrics Should Nonprofits Track?

  • How many people visited your website for Giving Tuesday?
  • How many new followers, likes, comments and shares did you see on your social media platforms?
  • How did your Giving Tuesday email campaigns compare to other regular email campaigns? How did they compare to last year’s Giving Tuesday campaign?
  • How many views did any Giving Tuesday videos receive?
  • Did you receive any press coverage? If so, where?
  • How about new email subscribers? Did that increase? Did anyone unsubscribe?
  • Did you implement any of these 8 (Free) Ways to Encourage Donor Support, such as asking donors to subscribe to your blog or review you on Yelp? How did donors respond to those requests?

Share Your Success

Does your organization measure the impact of Giving Tuesday in a unique and creative way? We’d love to hear about it. Share it in the Development and Fundraising discussion group in DP Community.

Prepare for Your Next GivingTuesday

Our team of nonprofits experts has worked together with our users to compile a great, free resource, full of Great GivingTuesday Campaign Ideas. DonorPerfect team members worked with our clients and pulled together examples of effective email templates, social media strategies and other tips to help activate your donor base this GivingTuesday!

Download Your Giving Tuesday Cheatsheet!

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