Additional Professional Services

Need help setting up your DonorPerfect system? Our Professional Service Team is here for you!

Save time and pursue new tools, features, and integrations with confidence by working with a dedicated team who will set you up and teach you best practices.

See all that DonorPerfect’s Professional Services can help you achieve below.

DonorPerfect Professional Team
Data Services

QuickBooks Integration

Planning on using the accounting interface with QuickBooks Desktop? The accounting interface allows all of your gift entries to be exported from DonorPerfect into QuickBooks. This professional service ensures the integration is set up to occur smoothly no matter how many bank accounts you have.

Fundraising Software Support

Custom Email and Mail Merge Templates

Our Professional Service Team will work with you to create email* and mail merge templates so you can continue your fundraising efforts without delay.

Mail merge template examples include:

  • Standard thank you letters
  • End of year tax letters
  • Notification letters for donations made in memory of someone
*Email templates are for acknowledgements only.
Data Services

Screen Review/Design

Unsure of where to store specific information in DonorPerfect? Work with a professional to configure your DonorPerfect screens, while hearing best practices and suggestions for recording your data.


SmartAnalytics Reports

Have unique or complex reporting needs? We can create a custom SmartAnalytics report tailored to the unique needs of your organization. Your report can then be stored on your DonorPerfect dashboard and scheduled to send to stakeholders, board members and or colleagues.

Smart Actions


With SmartActions, you can set up actions that your DonorPerfect system automates when conditions that you specify are encountered. Through this professional service, you can work with a professional who will work with you to set up the SmartActions your organization needs.

Examples include:

  • Receive an email notification
  • Create a contact or other info record
  • Update the value of one or more fields
  • Display a pop up message

Calculated Fields

DonorPerfect comes with standard calculated fields such as a donor’s cumulative giving amount and initial gift date and amount. Rather than trying to create user-defined calculated fields yourself, we can create them for you.

Data Services

Examples include:

  • Total tax deductible amount by year
  • 2nd/3rd/4th most recent gift dates and amounts
  • LY7_CYTD and LY8_CYTD
Data Services

Database Cleanup

Work with a Database Professional to remove duplicate or unnecessary codes that could affect the accuracy of your reports. You can also receive assistance with eliminating or developing a process for selection filters, mail merge templates, and export templates.