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Fundraising Software Accounting Interface

DonorPerfect offers an interface to the most popular nonprofit accounting systems. This interface allows all your gift transactions to be easily summarized by your Chart of Accounts categories and posted automatically to your existing General Ledger system.

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  • Saves time and reduces errors by eliminating the need to enter data twice
  • DonorPerfect data is posted into the corresponding fields of your accounting package
  • Identifies debit and credit accounts
  • Full journal entries
  • Summary or detailed information transfer
  • User-defined codes

QuickBooks Fundraising Integration with DonorPerfect

SofterWare is a premier member of QuickBooks Developer Network. A specialized XML Interface is available for Pro, Premier, Nonprofit, Enterprise and Canada versions.

Commonly Asked Question

How does it work?

Gifts entered into DonorPerfect can be transferred on a periodic basis to the accounting system’s general ledger. We have found that weekly transfers work best, but any transfer period can be specified by the user. For instance, let us assume the following gifts were entered into DonorPerfect during the week of 1/4/09 – 1/10/09:

Name Amount Date Fund (DP GL)
Susan Hobart $50 1/5/09 PR1
Nancy Brown $100 1/7/09 PR2
Richard Landsman $200 1/7/09 PR3
Michael Stein $50 1/8/09 PR1
Craig Smith $100 1/10/09 PR2

When setting up the Accounting Interface, you have the option of matching DonorPerfect’s GL codes to the Chart of Accounts in your accounting software, In this example, the GL codes, PR1, PR2, PR,3 correspond to the accounts, 4001, 4002, 4003. The Cash Account that will be debited can also be established, in this case, it is identified as 1001.

After entering all of the donations listed above, these entries can be exported from DonorPerfect automatically using the Accounting Interface so the data is formatted to be easily imported into your accounting software. An example of this file is shown here:

Trans Date Description Account Debit Amount Credit Amount
1/10/09 DP Transfer 1001 $100  
1/10/09 DP Transfer 4001   $100
1/10/09 DP Transfer 1001 $200  
1/10/09 DP Transfer 4002   $200
1/10/09 DP Transfer 1001 $200  
1/10/09 DP Transfer 4003   $200

NOTE: In many instances, especially those in which the accounting and fundraising software are not installed on the same computer or network, it will be easier to enter these transfers manually.