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Common Ground Conversion Process

Recommendations of What Data Will Transfer From Common Ground

The FREE data transfer includes 20 Custom Fields located in the Contact\Account Table and 10 Custom Fields located in the Opportunity Table.


  • Account
  • Campaign
  • CampaignMember
  • Contact + 20 Custom Fields
  • cx__Classification_Type__c
  • cv__Constituent_Engagement_Channel__c
  • cx__Contact_Classification__c
  • cv__Designation__c
  • cv__Donation_Designation_Relationship__c
  • cv__Engagement_Channel__c
  • cv__Pledge__c
  • cv__Pledge_Designation_Relationship__c
  • cv__Recurring_Gift__c
  • cv__Recurring_Gift_Designation_Relationship__c
  • cv__Related_Address__c
  • cv__Relationship_Detail__c
  • cv__Relationship_Type__c
  • Note
  • Opportunity + 10 Custom Fields
  • OpportunityContactRole
  • RecordType

Additional Custom Fields needing to be transferred, which will be determined in the mapping, will be charged $995.00.

Former Common Ground Client Testimonial

I thought you should know that I am incredibly impressed by the thorough and careful job your team is doing on Hudson River Sloop Clearwater’s conversion from Common Ground to DonorPerfect. I have been working with nonprofit data bases since 1979, and this has been the most stress free conversion process I have gone through.

Your team completely knows your program and processes, and has a very good understanding of how Salesforce/Common Ground works, which is not easy. Salesforce was not written for nonprofits and can be very difficult to decipher. Chris also has amazing patience and a willingness to explain and to listen.

You should really value this appraisal, because I have seen a lot of conversions that have been incomplete or somewhat messed up, and several development people I know who have gone through one, are so afraid of the process that they stay with databases they do not like, rather than change.

Should you ever need to reassure someone who is considering converting to DonorPerfect, I would be happy to do so. Though our data is not yet converted, the screen design, mapping conversations and mapping document is complete and that is the hard part. I have every confidence we will be proceeding on schedule and will be happy with the results.

While I am at it, Evan (screen design) was also a pleasure to work with.

Debbie Cohen – Hudson River Sloop Clearwater (February 2013)