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Where do you get this information?

Deceased data is based on Social Security Administration records and other sources.

What does the service include?

  • Formatting of your data for processing
  • Creation of new “Deceased” fields to display the data
  • Import of deceased record data into your database
  • An analysis of records updated

Note: This service will indicate there was death in a household, but there will not be visibility into which member passed away if more than one person is living at that address. This data provides a good starting point for further investigation by your team.

How does it work?

Records are updated by matching the names and addresses in your database against Social Security records and other sources. The match percentage will vary depending on the accuracy of the data in your list. (Note: If you track Social Security numbers, please provide them as they will help achieve the highest level of accuracy in the match.) Whenever there is a match, deceased data will be appended to the record, and properly added to your system.

Save time while eliminating uncomfortable or potentially upsetting situations for you, your constituents, and their family members.


  • Increases the accuracy of your data
  • Provides you with sensitive information that is difficult to obtain
  • Eliminates uncomfortable contact situations
  • Reduces mailing and other solicitation costs

How long will it take?

Completion time for the entire process is less that one week. Also, you can continue to use your DonorPerfect system while we do the processing. As a result, there is virtually no interruption to your daily work.:

Will my records be secure?

Absolutely. All data is kept strictly confidential.

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