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National Change of Address & CASS


  • Reduce undeliverable mail
  • Improve delivery time
  • Increase speed of response to mailing
  • Reduce duplicate mail pieces and re-mailings
  • Receive discounted postage rates
  • Reduce employee data entry
  • Meet the USPS NCOA update standards
  • Save money!


  • Data formatting to prepare records for processing
  • Addresses are updated, and the ZIP+4 Code is standardized by special request
  • CASS Automation Discount Qualification
  • Report breakdown of deliverable/nondeliverable address information
  • Data importing of updated records into your existing data files

Over 40 million Americans change addresses annually, significantly reducing the quality of your mailing list. Now you can ensure that your data is accurate and up-to-date with our National Change of Address (NCOA) service. NCOA can substantially reduce undeliverable and duplicate mail pieces by identifying and correcting addressing errors before they enter the mail stream. Your records are compared against the NCOA database to ensure they have the most current addresses and are updated with ZIP+4 certification according to US Postal Service standards.

According to the US Post Office:

  • In a recent year, over nine billion pieces of mail were Undeliverable as Addressed (UAA).
  • 75% of undeliverable mail could be fixed by running NCOA prior to the mailing.

Having the correct address ensures that your mailings reach all of your supporters, maximizing your fundraising success!

Make sure your mailings get from point A... to point B

Commonly Asked Questions

Why do I need this service?

The US Postal Service estimates that approximately 10% to 20% of all addresses in a database are invalid due to either the addressee having moved or data entry errors. How much is 20% of your mailing expenses? If you mail 10,000 solicitations at $.46 each and 20% are incorrect, that’s a loss of over $875! In addition, you can significantly reduce postage rates by taking advantage of postal service discounts for CASS certified, presorted bulk mailings.

How does this service work?

NCOA processing matches your customer records against the NCOA database, using both family (last name only) and individual (first and last name) match logic. Address information provided by you includes the ZIP+4 Code. Then, an attempt is made to match addresses against the NCOA file. This file contains approximately 108 million records, or 18 months of address changes filed by relocating postal customers. If a match is made with the old address, we can update your data with the new information.

If you have Canadian donors in your database, we offer this same service for them.
Please visit www.donorperfect.com/ccoa

How does this service help me meet the USPS national change of address update standards?

The Postal Service is increasing its effort to improve the percentage of deliverable mail by revising its Move Update standards. Discounted mailing rates are available when you run the NCOA service 95 calendar days prior to the date of your mailing, as opposed to 185 calendar days. To help you meet these requirements, we offer discounted rates on our NCOA service if you have the need to run this service within more than once in any given 12 months.

How long will it take?

Completion time for the entire process is only one week. Also, you can continue to use your DonorPerfect system while we do the processing. As a result, there is virtually no interruption to your daily work.

What exactly will I receive from this service?

  • Your data is formatted for processing.
  • ZIP+4 codes are added and/or certified.
  • Records are compared against the NCOA database
  • Reports indicating all data updates as well as records that still contain inaccurate information.

Will my records be safe and accurate?

The NCOA service is certified and licensed by the United States Postal Service (USPS). Updated computerized change-of-address information is provided each week to NCOA licensees by the USPS. Of the 108 million records in the NCOA database, 83.3% contain forwardable address information.

To learn more about other Data Enhancement Services we offer please visit: www.donorperfect.com/data