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Send gifts from DonorPerfect to QuickBooks


Track funds and reconcile with confidence

Save Time

Avoid double data entry with the press of a button

Using DonorPerfect With QuickBooks, You Can:

  • Post gifts from DonorPerfect to QuickBooks Online
  • View a history of posted gifts
  • Customize how your gifts post to QuickBooks
  • Map gifts to your QuickBooks bank account, income accounts, and classes
  • Map your donors to QuickBooks customers (optional)

Benefits for Nonprofit Accounting Professionals

  • Keep all of your donor’s information and history in one place, DonorPerfect, while maintaining accurate financial information for your operations in QuickBooks
  • Manage staff access and permissions for data entry tasks across the organization
  • Map gifts to the correct account in QuickBooks Online
  • Manage accounting data and development data with a single integrated system


Easily connect DonorPerfect to your QuickBooks Online through a step-by-step guided process. Simply choose the real-time QuickBooks Online bank account or Income Accounts from DonorPerfect.

  • Choose a bank account when setting up QuickBooks Online for the first time, or change it anytime from QuickBooks integration settings
  • Map your DonorPerfect General Ledgers to QuickBooks Online Income Accounts during setup, and at any time from QuickBooks integration settings
  • Once setup, the gifts from DonorPerfect will post to your desired QuickBooks Online bank account and Income Accounts

Choose how you prefer your data to be posted to QuickBooks Online:

  • Individual Gifts - Each gift will post as a credit to the income account and a debit to the bank account
  • Daily Summary - The gifts selected will post the daily total to the bank account (debit) and each gift to the separate income accounts (credit)
  • Monthly Summary - The gifts selected in a month will post the total to the bank account (debit) and each gift to the separate income accounts (credit). This can help keep your bank account from being cluttered with entries

Easily find the gifts you need with quick access filters for

  • Unposted gifts - gifts ready to be posted
  • Posted gifts
  • Gifts missing data - usually for a gift missing a General Ledger, or a new General Ledger that needs to be mapped to QuickBooks Online
  • More Filters - Gift Date range (default to past 90 days) and an optional selection filter

Customize Data and formatting as you like for QuickBooks

  • Detail and summary listings
  • Customer and class mapping