Compare DonorPerfect and Bloomerang

Key Differentiators

DonorPerfect outperformed Bloomerang in several key areas according to a 2017 independent review of over 30 donor management systems, including:

  • Adding and Tracking Donations
  • Managing Donor Information
  • Social Media Integration
  • Prospecting and Proposals
  • Mail-Merge Lettering
  • Emailing
  • Tracking Events
  • Tracking Interactions
  • Customization
  • Reporting


DonorPerfect offers users a curated marketplace of best-of-breed integrations and extensions to the DonorPerfect core system.

Bloomerang offers a limited set of integrations to third-party software.


With DonorPerfect, users have over 100 standard reports and filters that help track and manage fundraising activities. DonorPerfect’s Report Center gives you the tools to analyze key metrics, create executive dashboards, and automatically schedule reports to be shared with stakeholders.

Bloomerang’s reporting can only display simple lists and groupings. There are no charts, no year-over-year comparisons, and reports cannot be scheduled to be sent automatically on a recurring basis.


DonorPerfect includes configurable security levels for every type of users: Administrator, Executive, Gift Entry, Volunteer, etc.

Bloomerang does not allow different levels of system access and user permissions.

Online Donation Forms

DonorPerfect allows you to create an unlimited number of mobile-friendly online forms with integrated donation processing so the data flows seamlessly into your donor records. Users can easily modify the layout and design of any form.

Bloomerang offers a limited set of integrations to third-party software.

Mobile App

DonorPerfect Mobile is available at no additional cost on iOS and Android. An integrated mobile card reader allows organizations to process donations anytime, anywhere.

Bloomerang does not offer a native mobile app or mobile donation processing.

Company Structure

The company behind DonorPerfect has been in business for over 35 years, and is 100% employee-owned.

Bloomerang was founded in 2012, after the co-founder and CEO sold two previous businesses to Blackbaud.

Pricing Model

DonorPerfect offers a month-to-month pricing model with no termination fees and no long-term contracts. Users are encouraged to grow their donor database and add records in small increments as you need them. Additional features can be added anytime, both native to DonorPerfect and through the DonorPerfect partner network: a curated set of best-of-breed solutions that connect with DonorPerfect to add functionality and capabilities for growing organizations.

Bloomerang requires a minimum of 1-year commitment with additional fees for organizations who choose to pay by check. Adding new donor records requires an upgrade to the next pricing tier.

The Bottom Line

Bloomerang might be a good fit for organizations with limited needs and few users. It is missing some functionality that many nonprofits may need, such as printing mailing labels, creating database backups, and setting default values for gift entry and donor records.

DonorPerfect offers significantly more functionality and capabilities built for growth. With a more flexible pricing model and easily configurable system, DonorPerfect is a smart and powerful alternative to Bloomerang.

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