Pledge and Donation Processing by Monthly Giving

Setting up recurring gifts has never been easier.

Collect monthly gifts and pledges by credit card or bank draft (ACH) with DonorPerfect Payment Services.

On average, organizations retain just 4 in 10 donors year-over-year. But with Automatic Monthly Giving, your retention rate can more than double.

No matter the size of your organization, a monthly giving program is essential to your growth. With the right promotion and engagement, you can turn occasional contributors into reliable donors who are invested in your success.

Check out all the features of monthly giving in this video!


6 Reasons to Choose DonorPerfect Payment Services for Monthly Giving and More

Save countless administrative hours.

All monthly gifts are instantly reflected in DonorPerfect and acknowledged via email, which simplifies the administrative aspect of maintaining a monthly giving program.

Establish reliable cash flow for your organization.

Recurring donations are funds you can count on. If your monthly giving program accounts for a good amount of your annual revenue, you can funnel some of the effort you’d put into fundraising into furthering your mission

Encourage larger gifts and increase renewals.

Monthly donors tend to give on a recurring basis for 5 to 7 years on average. In a research study by Third Space Studio, organizations with budgets below the $2 million mark reported recurring donors giving $625 a year!

Create lifelong supporters.

Our account updater feature automatically updates donors’ account information when cards expire or accounts are changed, so you’ll never miss a donation due to an expired card or closed account.

Collect gifts securely.

DonorPerfect Payment Services securely stores donor account data offsite in a virtual vault, so their sensitive information is never visible once entered into your system.

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