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Send "Smart" URLs That Know Who Your Constituents Are!


Using DonorPerfect Online and SmartGive, you can make it much easier for constituents to contribute to your cause and keep your records up-to-date. A SmartGive URL takes donors to a secure online payment page that already knows who they are, and pre-fills their address, phone number, email and other information.

  • Mail merged lists generates donor-specific URLs for printed and emailed solicitations.
  • Send printed SmartGive URLs to collect or update email records.
  • Uses WebLink forms. Both WebLink and SmartGive are included with your DonorPerfect Online Express, Essentials, or Premier system!

Watch this brief video about SmartGive Online Donations & Registrations!

Easy Online Giving

Send “smart” links via print and email to donors and members
that auto-fill your online forms!

Coming soon:

SafeSave Secure PCI Compliant Payments

Encryption & PCI Compliance Protects
Donor Data:

SafeSave Vault ID’s keep your donor’s payment account data secure in a PCI-certified gateway. Not on your computer or network. Not on our server. Donor data is safe, with no need to re-enter card data for future donations.

Learn about PCI Compliance