3 Ways to Turn Social Media Activism into Cause-Driven Action

3 Ways to Turn Social Media Activism into Cause-Driven Action

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Mobilizing your fundraising efforts in response to events in the news can be a highly effective way to raise money to help those affected. Online giving has revolutionized the way we react to current events, from natural disasters and national tragedies to policy changes and social movements. The aptly-named “rage donation” gives us an outlet when no one seems to be listening and a small sense of power when we feel utterly helpless.

rage donation – noun – a donation driven by an emotional response to a recent event

Does your organization directly impact a cause in the headlines today? Get the funds to intervene when your constituents need you the most.

3 Ways To Mobilize Advocates On Giving Tuesday

1. Turn slacktivists into supporters with timely asks on social media.

Imagine if everyone who reacted to an issue on social media paired their posts with a donation to a nonprofit that could make a difference. That’s exactly what’s happening every day across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! Be sure to tailor at least some of your Giving Tuesday outreach on social media to how your mission is affecting the change donors want to see – and don’t forget to include a link to your Giving Tuesday donation page.

slacktivist – noun – a pairing of the words “slacker” and “activist”, a term that refers to a person who takes a stance on a cause without any action or effort

2. Encourage donors to create crowdfunding pages on your behalf.

When people post about current events on social media, they want their followers to engage in the topic with them. Empower your supporters to go beyond a conversation by inviting them to create individual crowdfunding pages to raise money for your organization.

3. Create a Take Action webpage sharing other ways donors can help.

Outline specific actions supporters can take beyond donating, like:

• Contacting their elected representatives to voice support or opposition. Quick Tip: Votility makes it easy to populate a donor’s government representative info into your campaign emails, so they’ll have everything they need to advocate for you.

• Donating goods that will benefit constituents in their time of need.

• Volunteering to help your organization with social media.

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