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SofterWare / DonorPerfect Purchases ReadySetAuction

With the acquisition of ReadySetAuction, DonorPerfect will further enhance nonprofits’ fundraising efforts through cloud-based auction software that powers silent, live, mobile, and online auctions.

DonorPerfect Purchases ReadySetAuction


SofterWare, Inc., a company that provides DonorPerfect fundraising software to more than 10,000 nonprofit clients, has purchased ReadySetAuction (RSA, www.readysetauction.com), a privately held company that has managed over $300 million in auctions for more than 3,000 nonprofits since its founding in 2003.

ReadySetAuction President & CEO Sam Weiss said, “My co-founder, Lisa Weiss, and I are delighted to have SofterWare acquire ReadySetAuction. We’ve been incredibly impressed with their capabilities to ensure a successful future for ReadySetAuction and our clients.”

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Fundraising Blogs

Nonprofit Technology & Fundraising Blog

With over 25 years of experience helping nonprofits, we’re happy to provide some insights and advice from our nonprofit industry and technology experts. Plus, we’re excited to bring you guest bloggers with expertise in areas related to improving your fundraising and donor management success!

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Client Success Stories

Land Trust Moves from Home Grown System to a New Home with DonorPerfect!

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Since 1972, Five Valleys Land Trust's mission has been to protect and preserve western Montana's natural legacy – our river corridors, wildlife habitat, agricultural lands, and scenic open spaces. Five Valleys has 11 staff members (9 full-time and 2 part-time) and utilizes 40 active volunteers, with a volunteer list of over 100.

Business Challenge

Glenn Marangelo, Development Director since May 2005, noted "Our old database was seriously outdated and could not adequately handle the functions we wanted it to. It was clunky to pull information from it, to export information from/into it, and did not easily record and track all of the information we wanted – especially in regard to major donors. Also, our monthly giving program (separate from the database) was becoming harder and more expensive to manage every month."

DonorPerfect Online Benefits

  • "Our DonorPerfect system was set up quickly and it was so easy to gain proficiency in using it from day one."
  • "I can quickly pull up my most frequently used reports and can easily create a report for just about anything without complication."
  • "We've significantly increased our major donor cultivation and stewardship efforts by better integrating and utilizing our staff and board's personal connections to our supporters."

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Capital Campaigns

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2016 Expert Webcast Monthly Giving Webinar

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2015 Giving Tuesday Webinar

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Truly Distinctive: Creating a Meaningful Organizational Brand.

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DonorPerfect presents hot topics that help your nonprofit grow!

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Laura Solomon answers your legal questions in the second part of her webinar series.

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Software developed for fundraising vs. generic software.

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