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Janell Lewis

Janell joined DonorPerfect in 2023 as a member of the marketing and communications team. She’s spent the past 15+ years working in the nonprofit community. She gets what it’s like to have your job title only describe a tiny part of what you do. From public relations, crisis communications, content development, marketing, graphic design, fundraising, event planning, public speaking, and website management, to media relations, social media management, and recruiting, she’s worn many hats.

She developed a strong sense of dedication to the nonprofit community after she was a beneficiary at a young age. Her experience gave her an appreciation and understanding of how nonprofits seek to improve the quality of life for those who need it most when they need it most. Janell enjoys spending time with her family. On weekends you’ll usually find her cheering on the Wyoming Cowboys or reading. She loves organizing and will empty drawers and closets in her home just for the sake of reorganizing them.

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