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Your Digital Donor Thank-You Kit (Free E-Book)

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Even through crises, your donors will support your nonprofit goals. How do you keep them around, now that fundraising is taking place entirely online? It all starts with a heartfelt “thank you.”

Your Digital Donor Thank-You Kit is your how-to for thanking donors digitally without sacrificing the personal touch they appreciate most. With tips, tools, and templates to see you through, you’ll be able to relay just what your donors mean to you, even from behind a computer screen.

What’s Inside:

Below is a preview of the digital donor thank-you strategies you’ll explore when you download your free copy of Your Digital Donor Thank-You Kit.

What Type of Thank-You Should You Send?

Experienced fundraisers know that tailoring custom thank-you messages is an incredibly effective donor retention strategy. But realistically, who has the time?

We’ll break down which donors should receive:

  • A personalized email
  • A live phone call
  • A video message

Best Practices for Thank-You Emails

Email is the best way to reach the most amount of donors. Though it can feel impersonal, today’s email marketing tools enable you to flow your donor and gift data into pre-built email templates that create individualized emails for everyone on your list.

In the ebook, you’ll learn how to optimize these elements of your email to get and hold your donors’ attention:

  • The sender
  • The subject line
  • The branding
  • The body
  • The length
  • The follow-up
  • The CTA
  • The footer

Best Practices for Saying Thanks via Video

Whether it’s live or pre-recorded, the most engaging video thank-yous are those that speak to the unique relationship your donors have with your organization. In addition to things you can mention, we’ll share our best tips for live and recorded video gift acknowledgement.

Thank You Templates by Type of Supporter

Who you determine are the most appropriate recipients of an email vs. a video thank-you is entirely up to you and what’s best for your nonprofit. You’ll save time on getting started with these supporter-engaging email and video templates prepared just for you:

  • Thanking a first-time donor
  • Thanking a monthly donor
  • Thanking a volunteer
  • Thanking a virtual event guest
  • Thanking a major donor

7 Ways DonorPerfect Simplifies Managing Donor Thank-Yous

Beyond accessing tools you can use to get personal with digital donor gratitude today, you’ll learn about the features and benefits of having DonorPerfect by your side, including:

  • Automatic Monthly Giving Thank Yous
  • Personalized Batch Receipting
  • Video Thank Yous
  • And more!

Get Your Copy of Your Digital Donor Thank-You Kit Today!

Written by Laura Bucher
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  1. In that vein, your annual report is also a way to highlight your top-contributing donors by name and recognize their efforts. However, this kind of profiling isn’t restricted to only your annual report. It’s a tactic that can, and should, be used year-round in things like newsletters, marketing materials, emails, and social media to showcase their commitment to your organization.

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