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Announcing The New EFT for Recurring Donations & 90% Donor Retention

The Most Powerful Monthly Giving Feature Yet

We set out on a mission to make your job as easy as possible when running a recurring donation program. Although we’ve had this feature in DonorPerfect for many years, it was time to take it to the next level. After months of careful work and Beta testing, we’re pleased to announce our most integrated monthly donation solution for your most loyal donors.

What’s EFT Management?

DonorPerfect’s EFT Management processes credit cards and bank accounts for all recurring pledges that are due. Once a donor submits payment account information, whether submitted through a WebLink or entered manually, EFT will begin processing their donation every month! Whether you have five or 5,000 monthly donors, this scalable solution will save you time and money. Some of these benefits include: eliminating pledge reminders and calls, reducing pledge delinquency or lateness, reducing 90% Donor Retention Rate Pie Chartdonation processing work to a few clicks, speeding funds to your bank account, and more.

Hundreds of DonorPerfect clients have already seen a 90% or more retention rate for donors who sign up to donate through EFT! The new version will likely increase your donor retention rate and help you raise even more money every month.

EFT Processing Flowchart

When you’re ready to process (recommended at least once per month), simply navigate to Tasks > EFT Management to begin. Here, you’ll preview the EFT transactions that are due for processing.

Nonprofit EFT Preview

One of the many new features we’ve added is a pre-processing status to indicate how likely a payment is to succeed. This allows you to quickly address accounts that might need attention before processing.

  • Ready – Process away!
  • Caution – This account has previously failed once or the credit card has expired. However, some expired cards may still process successfully.
  • Warning – Most likely, this will fail again because it has failed multiple times previously. We recommend you contact the donor for updated payment information.Nonprofit Email System
Once you’ve reviewed the payment accounts, check the box for the ones you want to process, review the totals, and submit for processing. Another time-saving enhancement we added is the ability to process credit cards, bank accounts, and multiple currencies at the same time.

Now, while EFT is processing, you can navigate to anywhere in DonorPerfect to do other fundraising work. When EFT is complete, we’ll send you an email with the results.

Review EFT Batch History

Batch EFT Processing Graphic

Each time you process transactions through EFT, the results will be available by batch. You can view the five most recent EFT batches on the processing screen. (Note: Batches will begin displaying after you process your initial transactions with this new version). Don’t worry, a full history of your EFT batches will always be available on the EFT History tab.

Easily Follow up with Donors if Payments Fail

Following up with failed payments is easier than ever! You can export failed payments with each donor’s contact information to call, email, or send a letter for updated payment info. In addition, if an ACH payment is returned several days after processing because of insufficient funds, DonorPerfect will automatically update the Gift record to a Failed status.

Schedule Future Processing

If you need to be out of the office on a day you’d like to process your EFT transactions – no problem! Choose the processing day so you can enjoy the beach (or the ski slopes) and let DonorPerfect do the work for you. Also, DonorPerfect will confirm that these future payments are successful and will update them automatically if any transactions fail.

See our Knowledgebase to learn everything about EFT Management as well as the other enhancements in this release.

Thank You Beta Testers & Suggest and Vote Supporters

We really value your feedback to ensure DonorPerfect is easy to use and reduces your work. Many of these enhancements came from over 25 ideas that our beta testers and clients submitted through Suggest and Vote. Have an idea for us to work on next? Visit Suggest and Vote to let us know!

Want to Start a Recurring Gift Program but don’t have EFT yet?

Simply contact your Account Manager to sign up for EFT Management today!

* Median donor retention rate for DonorPerfect EFT donors from 2013 to 2014 is 90%.

Written by Ally Orlando
  1. N Reichert permalink
    Poor Roger Sandstone!
  2. When you say DonorPerfect will automatically update the Gift record to a Failed status if ACH payment is returned, how will you notify the DP user so that we can make contact with the donor?
    • Josh Nelson permalink
      The best practice is to setup your Gateway to automatically email you a notice of any ACH returns. The DonorPerfect update will take care of always keeping your data accurate and we're considering adding additional messaging in DonorPerfect to notify you of returns as well. In addition, you can see and export any ACH returns in the Status Updates tab for easy exporting and follow up. I hope that helps.
  3. Do you have to go in and process each monthly donation manually or will DP do it on a specific date automatically each month? What if I have several donors who want to have their donation go through on a certain day of each month, but all of those dates are different from each other? Would I have to remember to go in and process the donation on all those specific dates each month? Feel free to contact me to discuss this further! Thank you!
    • Josh Nelson permalink
      The way it currently works is that you will go to Tasks > EFT Management to review the pending transactions and process them as often as you need. Most clients using EFT process one to three times per month. Typically, you would tell your donors that you process recurring donations on the 1st, 15th, or 25th of each month etc. Or, you could offer all three and give them a choice. Not everyone gives their donors a preference to process it on any date but some do. If you choose to do this, using DonorPerfect Alerts, you can be notified to process EFT as soon as one is eligible.
  4. How do I process my receipts off of the EFT batch #?
    • Josh Nelson permalink
      Thanks for reaching out. I'll have a member from our Support department follow up with you to assist with this.
  5. Will this allow multiple bank account gateways to accept? Or are we still restricted to a single bank account like with the Insta-charge?
    • sgoldenberg permalink
      Hi Jim, Sorry for the delayed response: Yes, you're still restricted to a single bank account.
  6. Stacie permalink
    Are the fees the same as through Weblink?
    • sgoldenberg permalink
      Sorry for the delayed response: Fees are the same as WebLink fees.
  7. Angela Brooks permalink
    Josh: We are working towards implementing the EFT management before the end of this year. Quick question, do we get charged credit cards fees if we incur any failed transactions?
    • sgoldenberg permalink
      Sorry for the delayed response: Yes, you will still incur fees for failed transactions

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