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How To Take Your Nonprofit from Surviving to Thriving

3 key elements to take your nonprofit from surviving to thriving

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New E-Book from Wayne Elsey Offers 3 Essential Elements That Will Guide Nonprofits’ Growth & Success in the 21st Century

What makes an organization successful? The future of nonprofits demands a new breed of leaders and philanthropists who are not satisfied with the way things are and are always looking to improve and innovate.

CEO, philanthropist, author, and nonprofit leader Wayne Elsey shares his three key elements for nonprofit success in his new e-book:

  • A New Approach to Leadership that Reinvents Rules
  • A Vision for Change based on 4 Key Building Blocks
  • A Comfort with Discussing and Managing Money

Growing your organization takes a commitment to think and work differently than most nonprofits operating in the sector today, especially in the digital age.

Included in this insightful e-book are:

  • Challenges leaders must overcome
  • The core building blocks for visionaries
  • Essential tips for growth

In addition to the advice and expertise from Wayne Elsey, this e-book offers insights and examples from nonprofit leaders using the DonorPerfect fundraising growth platform.

3 key elements to take your nonprofit from surviving to thriving version 2

“It’s a myth to think that leaders are born and not made.”

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Leadership is the number one element that is essential for nonprofit growth and sustainability. Nonprofit leaders are reinventing the rules to grow and develop a thriving organization.

Vision is equally essential because the philanthropic work that motivates and inspires people will help you build great teams, passionate supporters, and powerful communities. And for leaders to create big vision takes the right mix of attitude, innovation, risk tolerance, and data.

Being comfortable talking about money is essential to growing your organization.

  • Money Is Measurable
  • Money Expands Capacity
  • Money Forces Decisions

Money means you’ve engaged your supporters. Raising money can be challenging if nonprofit leaders aren’t talking about money. They need to own it, embrace it, involve their donor communities, and up “The Ask” in order to truly thrive.

3 key elements to take your nonprofit from surviving to thriving version 3

Learn the 7 reasons why it is essential to speak about money to thrive

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Philanthropists and supporters today are motivated by a vision, data, and hands-on leadership working to create a better world. In this e-book, you will learn how you can make these factors front and center as you grow and develop your organization.

Learn about the fundamental building blocks that can help any nonprofit leader have the space to create and execute a big vision for change.

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Written by Jeff Vogel