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Mobile Responsive Fundraising Forms

What Are Mobile Responsive Fundraising Forms?

These day’s most websites and online apps (like DonorPerfect CRM) are designed to work across multiple platforms. Software developers expect some users to vist a web app from a desktop or laptop computer, a tablet (iPad, Fire), or a smartphone (iPhone, Galaxy, Pixel, etc). Mobile responsive coding ensures that the website or app will be accessible and functional across all of those different devices.

For a website or app to be responsive, it must render correctly in the browser window, regardless of the size of the screen. Buttons must be easily clickable, and text must be readable. If a website is only designed to function on a desktop and becomes unusable in a tablet or smartphone, it cannot be called responsive

Mobile responsive fundraising forms are a single front-end webpage that nonprofits can use to collect donations. These forms will work on any internet connected device, and will be attractive and usable to your nonprofit’s donors. Mobile responsive forms will resize to fit any size browser window or device.  This makes it easier for donors to make a donation from their smartphones and tablet devices.

DonorPerfect online forms system are mobile responsive forms, as are the donation confirmation emails sent from the fundraising platform.

Why Do I Need Responsive Donation Forms?

As fundraisers, our job is to support our nonprofit’s mission by appealing to constituent and potential donors, as well as facilite their financial support of our cause. We do this through many channels and mediums, using a variety of methods. The final impediment between a donor and their donation, is the donation process.

In an era when most donations are solicited and accepted online, reducing the friction a donor experience during the donation process should be a top priority to fundraisers.

Mobile responsive fundraising forms ensure that, after you send that great email or push that great social media post, and your donor clicks through to your donation page – they are greeted with a convenient and easy to use donation experience.

If your donation forms are optimzed for mobile, but not desktop, desktop users will have a bad experience. If your forms are optimized for desktop, but not mobile, mobile users will find it very difficult to make their donation and may abandon the process.

Mobile responsive webpages will function properly across all devices, making it easier for your donors to give and less likely that they will abandon their donation due to technical difficulties

What are Mobile-Responsive Email Donation Receipts?

A donor’s email confirmation receipt may be one of the first interactions you have with them. Making a positive first impression is key. Recent statistics show that 43% of Charity/Nonprofits emails are read on a mobile device. If your email receipt is too small to read, or not properly formatted, you could be discouraging donors from giving again.

DonorPerfect Online Forms ensure that your confirmation emails be easily read on a mobile device. All of the fields on the form, except for those in the Item Detail section, will be presented in one column in the confirmation email. Using the one column format means confirmation emails will be cleaner and easier to read on a mobile device. It also helps ensure that your form’s labels and fields will align properly and will help stop Item Details from merging together.

Ensuring a clean, device agnostic experience will protect your nonprofit’s brand experience and maximize donations and donor satisfaction.

sample confirmation email that is mobile optimized

More about Nonprofit Forms

DonorPerfect forms support a wide variety of useful function for nonprofits. Most organization primarily use them for donation collection and processing, but they also support signups, purchases, surveys and much more. And most importantly, our forms integrate directly into our CRM system, reducing data entry and decreasing the risk of transcription or import/export errors. Use the links below to learn more about how DonorPerfect’s responsive, integrated forms can benefit your nonprofit. Or use the form to request a demo of our forms features.

Written by Ally Orlando
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