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The New Year

Well, it’s 2006, and hopefully you had a successful conclusion to your fundraising efforts. January also means year end procedures to ready your system for the new year.

First, when you logged into your DonorPerfect system, you probably saw a message that said something like “Because of the new year, you should recalculate your database. Recalculate now?”. In fact, you will see this message twice each year- once at the beginning of the new calendar year and the other time will be at the end of your Fiscal year (if not set at Dec 31st). It’s always OK to click on the Yes button for this message.

DonorPerfect tracks not only calendar year totals, such as total giving, number of gifts, etc.- it also tracks fiscal year totals as well. This is important (and not offered in many fundraising software packages- be careful!) because these totals are important for the many organizations whose fiscal year doesn’t end in December.

In addition, DonorPerfect offers some easy ways to run end of the year acknowledgements (highly recommended for donors that have given over $250 in the last year).

For example, you can easily create/edit a Microsoft Word document that lists all of the donations a donor has given, within the letter itself (either for one donor or a group of donors).

To do this merge, simply:

  1. Make sure to download our “End of Year” word document template. You can alter this document to add your own copy/logos to the letter format. If you make changes, save it to your My Documents folder.
  2. In DonorPerfect Online, click on Mailings, Mailmerge.
  3. Click on Selection Filter to select the group of donors you want to send this letter- it’s best to select a Gift Date range, for example, GIFT_DATE between ‘1/1/2005’ and ‘1/31’/2005’.
  4. Click on “Include Gift List in Mail Merge” to include their list of gifts.
  5. Click DO.
  6. Download the file to your My Documents folder- remember the name of the file.
  7. Click on “Instant Merge”
  8. Select the Word Template file you created in step #1 above.
  9. Select the Data Source file you downloaded in step #6.
  10. Click on “Perform Mailmerge”
That’s it! DonorPerfect will automatically open Microsoft Word and merge your list with the template you created above. There’s no need to actually know how to mail merge in Microsoft Word, DonorPerfect does it for you!

Learn more about this unique, time saving feature within DonorPerfect
Written by Amanda Foran
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