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Making the Successful Ask – A DonorPerfect Expert Webcast

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It’s All About Closing: How to Make a Successful Ask

On July 25 Carl Manfield, Senior Partner of Fundraising Co-Pilot, shared numerous tips for Making the Successful Ask. Fundraising efforts are in vain if you don’t know how to ask effectively.
How to Ask for Gifts Successfully

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The Seven Rules of Asking for Donations or Gifts:

  1.  Know your prospect.
  2. Understand that people give for their reasons, not your organization’s reasons.
  3. Know what fundraising is: it’s the process of bridging the gap between the donor’s interests and the case for your organization.
  4. Make face-to-face solicitations. An in-person meeting where the prospect is asked to consider giving a specific amount has a 90% probability of producing a gift.
  5. Listen more than you talk at the face-to-face meeting.
  6.  Learn the four-step process:
    • Describe the problem that prospect’s share
    • Present the solution to the problem
    • Qualify how your organization is suited to provide the solution
    • Get a commitment for financial support or for a follow-up touch
  7.  After asking, quit talking!

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Written by Amanda Foran