New DonorPerfect Fundraising Email Templates in Constant Contact

Running a nonprofit is challenging work. Focusing on your mission should be your primary focus, however, fundraising is critical to meeting your nonprofit’s needs. That’s why we, at DonorPerfect, like to do what we can to alleviate some ‌struggles you face in the dual role of advocate and fundraiser. We’ve created email series templates with carefully crafted messages and added them right to your Constant Contact email templates.

These templates cover some of the most common fundraising campaigns you encounter as a fundraising professional. All you need to do is plug in your own information, decide who and when to send it, and click send. Listed below are the categories and individual emails found in each series.

Your New Monthly Giving Series

Templates included:

  • Promote Monthly Giving Levels
  • Recruit Funders for a Dedicated Project
  • Spotlight Sponsorship Opportunities
  • Thank Donors by Gift Levels
  • Thank Special Project Funders
  • Thank Your Sponsors

About the series:

This email series will help you grow your monthly giving program. The first template includes giving levels. This is a great way to approach monthly giving because it helps your donors understand the value of their gift in relation to your mission (ex. $25 feeds 5 dogs for a week). There are also three available templates for different thank-you email types.

Your New Welcome Series

Templates included:

  • Thank You to First-Time Donor
  • Thank You to First-Time Crowdfunding Donor
  • Thank You to First-Time Event Attendee
  • Thank You to New Monthly Donor
  • Social Media Invitation
  • Volunteer + Event Invitation
  • Impact Email to First-Time Donor
  • Impact Email to First-Time Crowdfunding Donor
  • Impact Email to First-Time Event Attendee
  • Impact Email to New Monthly Donor
  • Donor Survey
  • Sneak Peek
  • About the series:

    The Welcome Series emails are designed to help you welcome and retain new donors. There are thank you templates to choose from depending upon how your new donor discovered your organization. There are also invitation templates designed to increase a new donor’s engagement with your organization.

    Welcome New donors Email Template

    Your New Crowdfunding Series

    Templates included:

    • To Board Members
    • To Donors
    • To Schools
    • Ambassador Thank-You

    About the series:

    We created the Crowdfunding email templates to help you recruit supporters to fundraise on your behalf. The emails also provide your supporters with tips on how to run a successful crowdfunding campaign.

    Your New Giving Tuesday Series

    Templates included:

    • Campaign Reveal
    • Day Before Reminder
    • Day of 8 AM
    • Day of 4 PM
    • Day of 8 PM
    • Thank You
    • Ambassador Invitation to Board Members
    • Ambassador Invitation to Donors
    • Ambassador Invitation to Schools
    • Thank You to Ambassadors

    About the series:

    The Giving Tuesday email series is the nuts and bolts of your communication strategy for Giving Tuesday. It includes a reminder email to be sent the day before as well as motivational call-to-action emails to be sent throughout the day on Giving Tuesday.

    Accessing DonorPerfect’s New Email Fundraising Templates in Constant Contact

    To access and use these new email templates:

    1. Log in to your Constant Contact account.
    2. Click Create > Email at the top of the screen.
    3. Select a tab from the available categories. (Monthly Giving, Welcome Series, Crowdfunding, and Giving Tuesday)
    Constant Contact Email Templates

    Using the templates and customizing them to meet your needs is simple. Check out Using DonorPerfect’s Fundraising Email Templates in Constant Contact for all the details.

    Additional DonorPerfect Fundraising Resources

    Complementary to the email series, DonorPerfect offers additional resources to support all of your fundraising efforts.

    Monthly Giving Resources

    DonorPerfect offers the Monthly Giving Success Hub, a comprehensive online resource, encompassing all the tools and know-how you need to run a successful monthly giving program. From training opportunities and case studies to retention and growth strategies, the hub has you covered. This resource also includes additional templates to promote your monthly giving program via social media posts, phone and even video chat.

    Donor Cultivation Resources

    Part of fundraising is spreading awareness about your mission and reaching new audiences. DonorPerfect has a number of resources to help you find new contributors to support your cause. Check out these blog posts to get started:

    19 Places Potential Donors Could Be Hiding

    Planning Your First Fundraising Cultivation Event

    So, What’s Your Donor Relationships Status?

    Crowdfunding Resources

    Crowdfunding provides an avenue for your nonprofit to reach new audiences, and it offers your donors a different way to support your cause. DonorPerfect crowdfunding forms are simple for your supporters to use and customize. Here are some resources for tips and tricks to ensure you have a successful campaign.

    Your Nonprofit Crowdfunding Campaign Kit

    Top Crowdfunders Answer Your Questions

    10 Ways to Motivate Your Crowdfunding Campaign Participants

    Giving Tuesday Resources

    Giving Tuesday, a holiday many consider to be the start of the giving season, can be a very successful fundraising day for nonprofits. Focusing on social media posts and emails can also give this campaign a high return on investment compared to other fundraisers. Swing by DonorPerfect’s Giving Tuesday website for even more templates, campaign ideas, strategies, and webinars.

    With help from DonorPerfect and Constant Contact, we can ease the stress of fundraising so you can focus on the work you do to better our world. Don’t forget to check out our new email templates in Constant Contact, and add a comment below to share your ideas for new email templates.

    by Christy Smaglio

    May 11 22
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