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So long, AmazonSmile: The Future of “Shop for Good” Fundraising

After 10 years and roughly $500 million raised, AmazonSmile is calling it quits. Amazon has announced that on February 20, 2023, it will discontinue its e-retail service that donates a small portion of proceeds to charity. While some fundraisers may be sad to see it go, many will go looking for a new “shop for good” program that allows access to supporter data. 

Frequently asked questions

What does “shop for good” mean?

Shop for good is a nonprofit phrase used to describe programs that enlist retailers to donate a percentage of their purchases to the shopper’s chosen charity. Some call these gifts microdonations or microphilanthropy, as they allow low-capacity donors to support causes in small amounts while purchasing their everyday items.

As an alternative to AmazonSmile, ShopRaise is free for both donors and nonprofits to use. Nonprofits can add their logo, photos, and message, and promote their program with integrated email, text, and social media tools. DonorPerfect clients who use ShopRaise earn up to 10% on purchases at over 1,700 retailers.

How does it work?

Donors can search for the charity they’d like to support or browse by category. Each store will state what percentage of the purchase will be donated.

When your donors shop online through the ShopRaise app – or on their browser with a ShopRaise plugin installed – a percentage of their purchases will be credited to your nonprofit. After you receive the funds, donor and gift data can be imported into DonorPerfect or your nonprofit CRM for a full picture of your donors’ engagement.

Do these programs deter donors?

You might be thinking, “will my donors have the budget to go shopping and give to our mission at the same time?” The main difference between shop for good programs like Shopraise and “rounding up for charity” initiatives is that there’s no extra cost to donate – the cost of items is no greater than it would normally be. Plus, donors get access to deals and coupons to use in their next purchases.

Donors certainly don’t have to shop irresponsibly. Whether it’s refilling prescriptions, replacing toiletries, stocking up for kids’ lunches, or preparing meals, donors can raise money for your mission by shopping for their everyday necessities. Household goods retailers using ShopRaise include Target, Walmart, Sam’s Club, Walgreens, Rite Aid, and more. Maybe your donors are working on a home project or sprucing up their backyard. They can shop for their home needs, too, at retailers like Wayfair, Lowe’s, Bed Bath & Beyond, Home Depot, and Ace Hardware.

How to get donors shopping

Let’s look at some examples of emails and social media posts that a nonprofit might send to small or lapsed donors to interest them in shopping for good. 

DonorPerfect users: Feel free to use these templates to invite donors to ShopRaise. The ShopRaise mobile app allows supporters to share causes with family and friends for peer-to-peer fundraising benefits, so consider nudging your donors to get others involved!

Email subject: Shop for [NAME OF YOUR CAUSE]
Email body:Dear [SUPPORTER’S NAME],

You have an opportunity to support our mission through your everyday online purchases! We know you’re passionate about [SHORT DESCRIPTION OF YOUR MISSION], even when time is limited and money is tight, and now there’s a simple way to donate a small amount while you shop. And there’s no extra cost to donate!

This year, we’re using the ShopRaise app, which gives a percentage of your purchase back to us whenever you shop at Target, Walmart, Home Depot, and over 1,000 online stores.

It only takes a second to make a difference for us:
1) Click the link below to download the ShopRaise app
2) Use the mobile app to share with family and friends
3) Shop online to help us reach our fundraising goals!


Thank you so much,
Social media text:
Now there’s a simple way to support [SHORT DESCRIPTION OF YOUR MISSION] through your everyday purchases! Every time you shop at participating online stores using the ShopRaise app, a percentage of your purchase will be donated to our organization. There’s no extra cost to donate, and you’ll get deals for your next purchases!

Tip: Consider sending this via video or text message. Donors may be more willing to participate if they see a familiar face explaining this new way of giving, and text invites allow them to get started with the mobile app as soon as they see your message.

Need help reaching donors on social media? Julia Campbell, a nonprofit digital consultant, speaker, and author, shares her wisdom in the Nonprofit Social Media Content Planner. This free resource includes tips and exercises to build your organization’s social media presence, so you can get your mission in front of a wider, more engaged audience.

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