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DonorPerfect Processing Merchant Account Providers

Processing Account Options

All of our integrated processing tools work with our preferred merchant account providers. We’ve worked with each of these providers to create special pricing and service offers that have been tailored specifically to the needs of our nonprofit clients. Below is a summary of our current providers and their offerings. Feel free to contact your Account Representative with questions or assistance.

U.S. Clients* Canada Clients*
Merchant Account Options TransFirst TrueRate Mercury Payments Mercury Payments – Canada
Recommended situation Simple all-inclusive pricing. If you need ACH or Gateway Add-on (e.g. iProcess)
Free Rate Analysis Meet or Beat Guarantee.
Canadian Credit Card Processing
Fees Visa/MC/Discover/Amex 2.89% plus .30/trans

Merchant & Gateway Account – $10/mo

No surcharges or hidden fees.
Visa/MC/Discover 2.79% plus .30/trans
Monthly Fees
Merchant Account – $10/mo
Gateway $10/mo (including Vault) +.10/trans

No PCI compliance fees
Visa/MC/Discover 1.99% plus .35/trans

Account & Gateway Fee – $24.95/mo
To Enroll TrueRate Application

Must complete both applications

1) Mercury enrollment link-round-arrow
2) Gateway application link-round-arrow
Mercury enrollment link-round-arrow
Options Vault (required for secure handling of recurring transactions) $5/mo ACH (Direct bank drafts) .75% plus .35/trans $15/mo
U.S. eCheck applications link-round-arrow
Direct debit requires separate Optimal eCheck account.
Restrictions Credit/Debit cards only (No ACH) Gateway & ACH Processing fees charged separately. ACH requires eCheck account. No Interac processing.

* We can also provide credit card processing services to organization in the UK & EU. Please contact us for assistance in establishing those accounts or the potential for integrating with processing accounts in other countries.

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