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Recurring Gift Processing

With DonorPerfect Payment Services, you can offer donors a seamless way to give recurring gifts and pledges to your organization. Designed to ease the administrative burden of recurring gift programs, our recurring gift processing tool sends payments from donors’ accounts on a schedule that you set up.

When you make just a few mouse-clicks each pledge payment cycle, DonorPerfect Payments sends, processes and posts every gift into DonorPerfect with its appropriate codes and automatically sends an email acknowledgment.

Take the hassle out of processing recurring gifts and membership renewals with DonorPerfect Payments.

By processing recurring gifts through DonorPerfect Payment Services, you can:

Save time and money with automatic gift processing.

DonorPerfect Payments automates the processing of preauthorized recurring credit or debit card payments and ACH bank transfers and acknowledges these gifts via email. By automatically collecting and recording gifts and adjusting pledge balances, you’ll save time and eliminate the high cost of pledge collection, netting more funds for your organization.

Rest easy knowing donors’ data is completely secure in SafeSave’s PCI-compliant vault.

There’s no need to worry about lost checks, exposed account information, or stalled deposits. DonorPerfect Payments only requires a donor’s credit card or bank account information to be keyed in once. The donor’s data is then securely stored at SafeSave’s PCI-compliant gateway, so no sensitive cardholder data is stored in your computers or offices.

Ensure your data is accurate and complete.

Relevant fields like General Ledger (GL) Codes, Solicitation Codes, Campaign names, and user-defined fields will be carried over to recurring gift payment records when they process through DonorPerfect Payments. This data is crucial to your reporting, audit trail, and analysis.

Electronic Gift Processing

Establish a reliable source of mission funds.

Once donors sign up for recurring giving, pledge collection is automatic. This means all of your pledges are paid in full, on time, every pledge period! Your cash flow will be predictable, so instead of spending your valuable time sending pledge reminders, you can send your donors letters of appreciation!

Raise more money.

By allowing donors to spread their contributions over the year, it’s easier to generate larger pledges. And once a donor joins your recurring gift program, you can pursue increased annual renewals and giving levels.

Make giving easy!

Pledging through DonorPerfect Payments is simple for your donors, because they won’t have to remember to write checks or renew their pledge.

The donor just signs a simple pledge form, which requests their credit card information or a voided check. You can also use our complimentary recurring gift mailer to help enroll donors!

Give donors more ways to pay.

Although DonorPerfect Payments handles both e-check and credit card payments, you decide what your organization will offer. Credit cards are convenient for one-time gifts and popular with donors who require payment flexibility or earn incentives, while bank drafts eliminate credit card charges.

We recommend offering both bank and credit card payments, because giving donors a choice will maximize participation.

Giving should be easy. DonorPerfect Payment Services offers donors simple, seamless ways to support your cause. Learn more about our single solution to processing all kinds of donations.