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Donation Processing

A fast and accurate way to enter, recognize and manage every gift and pledge.

The entire giving history of every donor is easily maintained and readily accessible.  Each step of donation processing is made as effortless and automatic as possible. You’ll be amazed how much time you and your staff will save!

All you need to process:

  • Gifts
  • Pledges
  • Soft Credits
  • Matching Gifts
  • In-Kind Donations
  • Memberships
  • Credit Card Payments
  • Bank Drafts
  • Online Donations

Tracking Gifts & Pledges

Record & Track Every Gift or Pledge.

Donation Processing History

Every gift and pledge, including amount, solicitation method, gift restrictions and gift type, is tracked and summarized. Our “Batch Entry” system speeds high volume gift entry, and catches entry errors, since gift batches must match the deposit total to be posted.

Powerful Soft Credits

Gifts can be designated as soft credits to unlimited donor records, allowing you to notify, recognize and track matching gifts, memorials and honorariums. This will enable you to recognize donors who influence others to give.

Track and Manage Memberships

DonorPerfect can track and manage members just as easily as donors. Reports include membership rosters, lapsed memberships, income analysis, membership analysis (by income or counts), premium fulfillment, and upgrades and downgrades.

Donation Processing

Manage All Revenue Sources Simply and Easily.

Pledge Listing Report Screenshot

DonorPerfect offers nonprofits a variety of fully integrated tools for every type of ACH and credit card processing, including one-time payments, automatic collection of monthly pledges and online payments.

Automate Your Pledge Processing

Automate the process of collecting recurring or one-time pledges by credit card or bank draft (ACH) with our optional EZ-EFT system. You simply enter donor account information once as a part of the pledge along with the pledge payment schedule. Pledge payment transactions can then be automatically generated, transmitted and posted with almost no effort or collection risk.

Instant Gift Processing with Insta-Charge™

Nonprofits can process credit card payments and ACH bank drafts directly from DonorPerfect. Insta-Charge saves data entry time, and provides real-time credit card data validation and approvals/declines. Approved transactions are automatically posted to the donor's gift record.

WebLink™ Online Forms for Donations, Pledges and Registration

All online donations and other payments can be downloaded to your DonorPerfect database. This makes it easy to track, filter and report on your gifts. You can even have registrations import into DonorPerfect's Event Management, for banquets, galas, and other events.

Check Scanning and Remote Deposit

We offer an easy and affordable way to reduce the hassles of paper check handling. Our electronic check conversion solution includes very affordable check scanners, and an easy to use online service to automatically scan your checks and electronically deposit them.

PCI-Compliant Payment Gateway

DonorPerfect’s new transaction processing gateway dramatically improves our industry leading solutions for payment processing while eliminating virtually all PCI () headaches.

  • SafeSave™ - Secure hosted storage of credit card and bank account data — eliminating PCI compliance concerns associated with storing cardholder data within a nonprofit's computers.
  • All data and processing is encrypted and transmitted via a secure Internet connection. No need for credit card terminals, modems and dedicated phone lines.
  • Offers low-cost e-check (ACH) for recurring, one time, and even online donations.
  • New and improved online reporting tools for review of processing history and managing returned items.

Matching Gifts

Double the value of eligible gifts with a web-based database of matching gift programs and guidelines. Using this service, you and your donors can quickly and easily research employer matching gift programs.


Saying "Thank-You" is a Snap!

Acknowledging Donations

Acknowledging donations quickly is critical. Getfullyfundedblog.com notes, "The longer it takes you to send out a letter thanking the donor, the less meaningful it is when it arrives."

DonorPerfect enables you to record and recognize every gift with the most appropriate response (thank-you letter, phone call, award or thank-you gift, etc.). Each gift becomes part of your current thank-you batch, and you can select and personalize the acknowledgement for each gift. Whether you enter individual gifts, use batch entry or scanning tools to manage high gift volumes, be assured that every gift will be automatically and quickly acknowledged.

DonorPerfect can also produce receipts and documentation for donors taxes (US & Canada)!

Accounting Software Interface

Seamless Integration Saves Time & Reduces Errors.

Integrated Accounting Interface

Gifts can be summarized in many ways, including by designated GL codes, making it easy to post to your accounting system. DonorPerfect’s optional Accounting Interface Module exports income and data to QuickBooks Pro, Premier and Enterprise.

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