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Instant Credit Card Donation Processing!

Process Credit Cards & Bank Drafts – No Extra Data Entry!

Processing Credit Card Donations

Taking donations has never been this easy! Insta-Charge saves data entry time and reduces errors by empowering your staff to process credit card donations in real-time, directly from DonorPerfect. The credit card data is immediately validated and instantly approved (or declined). Approved transactions automatically appear in the donor’s gift record. Bank drafts from checking and savings accounts work the same way, and are usually processed in 24-48 hours!

Insta-Charge™ offers nonprofits fast and easy online processing and credit card authorization!

  • NO Credit Card Terminal!
  • NO Separate Software!
  • NO Double Entry!


  • Less data entry – donor information is automatically filled in and credit card payment data is included in gift history.
  • Immediate validation of data allows any issues (declines, etc.) to be resolved quickly and immediately.
  • Integrated process eliminates challenges of reconciling credit card and bank statements with donation records.
  • Secure encryption protects confidential donor data.

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