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Nonprofit Credit Card Processing Tools

Collect Your Donations the Fast & EZ Way!

NonProfit Credit Card Processing

DonorPerfect offers a variety of fully integrated programs for every type of eCheck and credit card processing, including one-time gifts, automatic collection of preauthorized recurring pledge payments and online payments.

Make your job easier with:

  • WebLink™: Secure, customized online donation, membership and event registration forms!
  • DonorPages™: Let supporters easily seek sponsorship or other donations from friends and family!
  • EZ-EFT™: Preauthorized pledge payments, automatically drafted when due!
  • Insta-Charge™: Process credit card and debit cards with no credit card terminals!

Make your business more secure with:

Why should nonprofits accept credit cards?

  • Encourages donors to give more – recent studies suggest people spend up to 20% more with a credit card than other forms of payment.
  • Guaranteed and automatic fulfillment of phone and other pledges.
  • Receive money more quickly – funds are deposited usually within 24 hours.
  • Saves time and money on fund collection – no checks to process.
  • Donors can receive benefits by giving (award points, frequent flyer miles, etc.)
  • Eliminates bounced, delayed, or errors with checks.

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