Nonprofits Rejoice! DonorPerfect & DonorSearch Partner to Build Nonprofit Capacity

Integrated and verified results from DonorSearch’s unique approach to prospect research, which starts with philanthropic giving, greatly benefits DonorPerfect clients’ fundraising success.

Horsham, PA. – April 7, 2013 – DonorPerfect announced they have partnered with DonorSearch, a leading prospect screening and research firm, to increase revenue for nonprofits and improve efficiency for development staff. Nonprofits can now screen donor and prospect lists through DonorSearch to access a constituent’s giving capacity, and view the results in their DonorPerfect donor management software. The result is a smooth, efficient system for managing donors, identifying targets for major gifts, and enhancing knowledge within a development department.

Bill Tedesco, President of DonorSearch, said “We’re excited to integrate our prospect research services with DonorPerfect so their clients can benefit from our unique approach. Unlike others, we focus on philanthropy first, and wealth second. Research has shown that past giving to nonprofits and federal election campaigns is a much better indicator of giving then wealth alone. We start with measuring known philanthropy, and then associate it with common wealth indicators, such as real estate holdings and SEC filings. But the key difference is that we have staff assessors who comb through the results and personally verify the results for the top major donors. This revolutionary process makes sure that the prospect screening results truly match the nonprofit’s constituents, saving valuable time and increasing accuracy to get the next major gift.”

Jon Biedermann, VP of DonorPerfect notes, “I’ve known Bill for over 15 years, and he is a proven and respected leader within the Prospect Research arena. DonorSearch’s unique approach, and focus on making sure the data is assessed for accuracy, is what our clients have requested for years. Now, being able to integrate their high quality information on donor giving potential with their past giving history in DonorPerfect really enhances our client’s ability to target their campaigns and increase their revenue. Al, DonorSearch’s value and pricing methodology is perfectly matched to our client’s needs, enabling them to screen a portion of their prospects, all of them, or one at time through DonorSearch’s online portal. It’s truly a win-win situation for all of our clients.”

The file integration between DonorPerfect and DonorSearch is available now, and all DonorPerfect and DonorSearch clients are encouraged to contact either company to find out how they can benefit from sophisticated prospect research, save time, and raise more money.

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About DonorSearch

DonorSearch, headquartered in Marriottsville, Maryland, is a leading prospect research and screening firm. Founded in 2007, DonorSearch supports non-profits of all types, including charities, healthcare organizations, fraternities/sororities, religious organizations and educators. Using information from 25 databases and proprietary algorithms, DonorSearch helps nonprofits identify and engage more philanthropic prospects. For more information on DonorSearch prospect research and screening tools and services, please visit

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SofterWare, Inc., based in Horsham, Pennsylvania is a leading provider of software to nonprofit organizations, with over 10,000 clients throughout the world. DonorPerfect, its fundraising/CRM solution, received more “Excellent” ratings than any other vendor in N-TEN and Idealware’s “A Consumers Guide to Low Cost Donor Management Solutions”. It also received the Campbell Award for “Excellent Customer Satisfaction”.

In addition to the company’s DonorPerfect fundraising software, SofterWare also offers software for managing childcare centers, public and private schools, and camps and conference centers. For more information on SofterWare and its products, please visit For more information on DonorPerfect Fundraising Software, please visit or

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