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Christy Smaglio

Christy attended Kutztown University, receiving a degree in English Literature. During her final year of school, she interned for a non-profit domestic violence agency writing grants, thank-you letters, and aiding in their fundraising events. She continued her non-profit work for another four years, and while there, she learned the ins and outs of their data management software.

Wanting to still affect positive community change through her work, Christy made the shift to DonorPerfect in 2014 where she is able to help many non-profits in their daily efforts. She started in the support department before becoming an onboarding coordinator where she helped organizations transition to DonorPerfect. Since then, she has moved to the communications and marketing department where she primarily focuses on writing instructional content for the KnowledgeBase and also lends a hand writing fundraising material for DonorPerfect’s blog.

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